unit 8 jobs “what kind of work do you do?”  lead-in activity  warm-up  listening task...

Download Unit 8 Jobs “What kind of work do you do?”  Lead-in Activity  Warm-up  Listening Task  Real World Listening  Interaction Link  Useful Expressions

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  • Unit 8 JobsWhat kind of work do you do?

  • Lead-in ActivityWarm-upListening TaskReal World ListeningInteraction LinkUseful ExpressionsAdditional ListeningHomework Conversation

  • Lead-in Activity Possible answers: courier, ski instructor, teacher, driver, computer programmer, photographer, flight attendant, hotel clerk, bank cashier, waiter/waitress, pilot, doctor, lawyer, cook, dentist, personal trainer, nurse, scientist, engineer, window washer, telephone operator, construction worker, salesperson, firefighter, accountant, graphic designer, tour guide, secretary Brainstorm the words that are related to jobs.

  • Part IWarm-up

  • Language PointsAn ER doctor is an emergency room doctor.A waiter or waitress is also called a server.weird adj.

  • Culture Note Gold-collar worker (GCW) is rarely used compared to its blue-collar and white-collar counterparts. It is used as a marketing term more often than referring to a class of society. Pink-collar worker works in a relatively clean, safe environment, in a job that is considered traditionally female.

  • Warm UpWhat do these people do every day?

  • Check-upWarm UpWhat do these people do every day?

  • Assisting passengers in an aircraftflight attendant Talking people into buying his (her) products or service sales representative eg.: Helping the client keep fit by designing a specialized exercise plan. personal trainer Planning, constructing or managing a building or other structure engineer Serving at a table at a restaurant waiter Leading tourists around tourist sites Tour guide Developing video games on computer video game programmer What do they do?JobWarm Up

  • Assisting in daily personal tasks personal aide Keeping and preparing financial records accountant Helping the sick doctor Spending a lot of time counting money banker teller Designing things for an advertisement graphic designer Warm Up

  • Now listen. Write the numbers you hear next to the jobs. video game programmer tour guidewaiterengineerpersonal trainersales representativeflight attendantgraphic designerbank tellerCheck-updoctorWarm Up

  • 9348110657video game programmer tour guidewaiterengineerpersonal trainersales representativeflight attendantgraphic designerbank tellerdoctor2Warm Up

  • Write two jobs in each column. (Use your own opinions.)There are no correct answers.Warm Up

  • Script1. Im a personal trainer, so Im always exercising. Its great. I dont have to go to the gym after work like my friends!2. Im an ER doctor. In the emergency room we get a lot of sick people and a lot of weird accidents, so its never boring!3. Its a lot of fun being a tour guide. I meet people from all over, and tourists are usually a pretty happy bunch of people.

  • Script4. Dinnertime is stressful when youre a waiter. You have to get food to your customers really fast. I work at a good restaurant, though, so the tips are great!5. I love being a graphic designer. I design all kinds of thingswebsites, books, birthday cards, logos for companies. I like being creative in my job.6. Im a flight attendant. I fly all over the world. And I get to see lots of interesting places.

  • Script 7. I work at a bank, as a teller. I spend a lot of time counting money. I get tired of being cheerful sometimes. 8. I decided to be an engineer. I always wanted to build bridges and stuff like that. 9. I always played video games when I was a kid. So, being a video game programmer is the perfect job for me! 10. Im a sales representative. You gotta like people to have my job, cause you have to be with people all day.

  • PairworkWhich of these jobs would you like? Why? Tell your partner.

  • Part IIListening Task

  • Language Pointsmaternity n. adj. ward n. a maternity ward deliver v. deliver a babygo into sth. switch to sth. He got tired of teaching and switched to painting. ,firefighter n. video game

  • Language PointsThe question What do you do? is used to ask someone what their job is. Its a short form of What do you do for a living? The reply often refers to the career: Im a nurse. The phrase for a living refers to making money to live on. For example, he is a musician. He cant make a living at that, so he has a day job as a teacher.

  • Look at the pictures. What do you think the jobs are?What does each person do?Doctor NurseEnglish teacher1.2.3.Math teacherFirefighter EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)Computer programmerComputer technicianFirst Listening4.

  • Look at the pictures. What do you think the jobs are?Why do they like their jobs?

    Likes to work at night loves to help mothersLikes to teach students1.2.3.Likes to work at nightLikes to hang outLikes to help peopleLikes to be creativeLikes to work alongSecond Listening4.

  • What do they say about the downsides of their jobs?Third Listening1. She feels her work exciting, but she doesnt like ______________.2. Tim loves teaching, but he _________________ ___________.3. Its exciting to help people in need, but he feels __________ sometimes when he isnt at work.4. A video game programmer has to ___________ most time. It gets _____________.working nightsalways has work todo at night

    boredwork alonea little lonely

  • Script1. A: So, what do you do for a living, Maria? B: Im a nurse in a maternity ward. A: Oh, cool. So you help deliver babies? B: Yeah, I love seeing all the new babies, and helping the new mothers. A: Thats exciting. B: Yeah, it is. A: Do you work days or nights? B: Nights. A: Do you like that? B: No, not really. Sometimes it seems like all babies are born in the middle of the night!

  • Script2. A: What does your brother Tim do now? B: Hes a teacher. A: Really? Tim? I thought he went into engineering. B: No, he switched to teaching. Now he teaches math at a high school. A: Wow. Does he like it? B: Yeah, a lot. He says its a hard job, and he always has work to do at night. He doesnt like that. A: I bet. B: But he likes his students. He likes getting them excited about math.

  • Script3. A: What do you do for a living, John? B: Im a firefighter. A: A fireman? B: Now we say firefighter. A: Oh, do you like it? B: Yeah. Its exciting. When theres a fire we help people. Its a good feeling. A: Any downside to your job? B: Downside? Well, its boring sometimes. A: Boring? B: Yeah, some days we just hang out at the fire station. I dont like that part.

  • Script4. A: A: What kind of work do you do, Ann? B: Me? Im a video game programmer. A: Ah, so you play on computers all day! B: Yep, thats right. A: So, you like it? B: Yeah, its really fun to create video games for kids, but A: But what? B: Well, it gets a little lonely. A: Really? Why? B: All I ever do is look at a computer screen! And I work alone most days. A: Yeah.

  • Pair WorkWhat is your ideal job? What kind of job do you dislike? Say why it would be OR wouldnt be a good job for you. Give reasons.

  • Pair Workresponsibilitytelecommutingwell-paidprestigepersonal developmenttrainingmulti-nationalflexible scheduleSome words and expressions for students reference:

  • Pair Workteam workpersonalitycreativeworking at nightchallengingdecision-makingself-disciplinebread-winner Some words and expressions for students reference:

  • Part IIIReal World Listening

  • Language Pointsfluffy adj. orient v.

  • What is the right job for you? One way to find out is to take a quiz. Before you take the quiz, check the phrases below that you think describe you.be activebe creative

    Now listen to the quiz and circle the answers that fit you best. Preparebe with people be in charge take risk be along let people tell me what to do be carefulI like to

  • Make sure you circled the answers that fit you best.Get The Main Ideas

  • Make sure you circled the answers that fit you best.Get The Main Ideas

  • Script1. Choose one of these colors: a. bright pink b. brown c. green2. Its a snowy winter day. Do you? a. stay home and read b. go snowboarding c. visit an art museum3. Its Saturday night. You are free. Do you? a. IM your friends b. go to a party c. play computer games4. You want a pet. Do you buy? a. a fluffy, white cat b. a snake c. a goldfish5. Its 11 oclock at night. Do you? a. practice yoga b. go to a club with friends c. go to bed

  • Script6. You have some extra money. Do you? a. put it in the bank b. have a big party c. take an art class7. You buy a new camera. Do you? a. read all of the instructions b. just use it c. read a few instructions8. Your friend does something that makes you angry. Do you? a. keep quiet b. say something c. just forget about it 9. You have to wait in a long line at the airport. Do you? a. get angry b. call a friend to chat c. relax and hang out10. You need to finish


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