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Across Africa, consumers are renouncing the age-old labels, clichs, and stereotypes placed upon them. Instead, today African consumers are forging new identities and tribes based on their own definitions, interests, passions, aspirations and lifestyle choices. Delve into's Africa Trend Bulletin to find out about how these changes are paving the way for the rise of OTT AFRICANS, ZERO WAHALA COMMUNITIES, HOITY-TOITY HEROES, and a plethora of other NEW AFRICAN NARRATIVES, too!


NEW AFRICAN MAY 2014 AFRICA TREND BULLETINCelebrating new, bold and empowering demographics in sub-Saharan Africa.Its time to retire the clichs when it comes to African consumers.Remember how Bottom Of the Pyramid (BOP) began as a useful term for Africas struggling economic lower classes, but somehow evolved into the blanket term for sub-Saharan Africa as a whole?Today, the new (and contrasting) clich is Africa Rising: a view of Africa that cant see past the new wealth sweeping across the continent.The problem? Both approaches are over-simplistic narratives that dont take into account the multiplicity of Africas languages, cultures, tribes, ideologies and the diversity of its people, whose stories are diverse and complex.NEW AFRICAN 2Today, Africans are constructing many new identities of their own.So lets change the NARRATIVE ;)Across the continent, Africans are renouncing the age-old labels, clichs, and stereotypes placed upon them. And theyre refusing to be defined by the part of the pyramid they inhabit, their spending ability, or economic stature.Instead, Africans today are forming new identities and tribes based on their own definitions, interests, passions, aspirations and lifestyle choices.NEW AFRICAN 3Here are three NEW AFRICAN NARRATIVESEach one a newly-identified segment defined by the new aspirations, mindsets and lifestyles of a subset of African consumers.Why Africans are opting to OVERCOME TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS by redefining their identities, forming positive aspirations, setting new benchmarks, and rewriting the socio-economic textbook.A new breed of no-nonsense citizens are chasing positive change in their communities.A change of heart within the luxury class.1. OTT AFRICANS2. zERO wAhALA COMMUNITIES3. hOITY-TOITY hEROESNEW AFRICAN 4The challenge for brands? Discard outdated, economic-driven consumer classifications, and explore these, and other, NEW AFRICAN NARRATIVES.NEW AFRICAN 51. OTT AFRICANSwhy Africans are opting to OVERCOME TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS by redefining their identities, forming positive aspirations, setting new benchmarks, and rewriting the socio-economic textbook.NEW AFRICAN 6The ability to OVERCOME TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS...Has long been a characteristic that demonstrates the unique resilience of the African spirit.And in 2014, some consumers are making it their personal mission to overcome their trials and tribulations, by turning their reaction to difficult circumstances into a self-constructed and (in some cases) outsized identity of its own.Now, these OTT AFRICANS are expecting brands to champion, support and cater to the identities they create for themselves. Want proof? Look at these smart brands already doing it!1. OTT AFRICANSNEW AFRICAN 7EXAMPLES: OTT AFRICANSGuinnessVideo ad highlights La Sape movement of CongoNEW AFRICAN 8The Guinness Sapeurs advert racked up almost 3 million views in its first week on YouTube.(YOuTuBE, JANuARY 2014)NEW AFRICAN 9EXAMPLES: OTT AFRICANSBellsVideo ad features illiterate South African fatherNEW AFRICAN 10EXAMPLES: OTT AFRICANSSave & BuySaving platform helps Nigerians make major purchasesNEW AFRICAN 112. ZERO WAHALA COMMUNITIESA new breed of no-nonsense citizens are chasing positive change in their communities.NEW AFRICAN 12Yes, Wahala means trouble...And now ZERO WAHALA COMMuNITIES are embracing incentives or initiatives that help them address troubles in their local community even if that means a little pain.A new tribe of Africans today realizes that the development of their localities will not come overnight. Rather, that progress will require a change in communal thinking, culture and ethos. And these citizens know that for Africa to reach its full potential, they, too, will need to play their part as individuals.ZERO WAHALA COMMuNITIES share the dream of a more positive African narrative, yet they are all too aware of the way their own lifestyles and consumption habits can hinder this. In turn, they are ever more ready to adhere to novel solutions conceived by businesses, governments, entrepreneurs and NGOs that lessen negative environmental and social impacts, and crack down on irresponsible or unsustainable behavior.2. ZERO WAHALA COMMUNITIESNEW AFRICAN 13EXAMPLES: ZERO WAHALA COMMUNITIESCommission Nationale de Prevention RoutiereRobot traffic officers enforce road safety in Democratic Republic of CongoNEW AFRICAN 14EXAMPLES: ZERO WAHALA COMMUNITIESWecyclersCommunities in Nigeria incentivized to recycle trashNEW AFRICAN 15EXAMPLES: ZERO WAHALA COMMUNITIES#AnotherLightUpCape Town mural lights up to encourage donations to street lighting fundNEW AFRICAN 16EXAMPLES: ZERO WAHALA COMMUNITIESAirwareDrone tracks and monitors poachers in Kenya conservation parkNEW AFRICAN 17We obviously offer much more than monthly Trend Briefings...Your complete trend and innovation solution.Introducing our 2014 Premium ServiceFind out more2014 Trend ReportTrend Framework Innovation DatabaseIndustry Updates Apply ToolkitMonthly Updates 1-page Trend Handouts12 34 56 73. HOITY-TOITY HEROESA change of heart within the luxury class.NEW AFRICAN 19From the Wabenzi to the Owambe...Many financially able Africans have long been labeled as lavish (and in some cases, wasteful) consumers lacking a conscience.It goes without saying that in the West, GUILT-FREE CONSUMPTION has become all but mainstream. But Africa has its luxury-loving-yet-ethical consumers, too.In 2014, a wave of privileged Africans are opting out of excessive extravagance and opting into more ethical consumption. Just a few of their motivations? A desire to go back to their roots and do things the natural way; a cultural pride in luxuries that are produced locally and sustainably; or simply an awareness of the need to consume responsibly.Exemplified by the continents evolving role models as Dencias demise becomes Lupitas rise Africa proudly presents: HOITY-TOITY HEROES!3. HOITY-TOITY HEROESNEW AFRICAN 20EXAMPLES: HOITY-TOITY HEROESPiratas do PauMozambican premium furniture is made from scrap woodNEW AFRICAN 21EXAMPLES: HOITY-TOITY HEROESZashadu BagsLagos-based manufacturer makes luxury bags from locally-sourced materialsNEW AFRICAN 22EXAMPLES: HOITY-TOITY HEROESAccra Green MarketGhanas first premium, organic farmers marketNEW AFRICAN 23EXAMPLES: HOITY-TOITY HEROESStyled By AfricaPlatform for sustainable African high fashionNEW AFRICAN 24SO WHAT DO THESE NEW AFRICAN NARRATIVES MEAN FOR YOU?NEXTGo ahead and serve these NANs. But dont stop there identify and serve your own NANs, too. Want to get started: read on!NEW AFRICAN 25hunt for new groups, tribes and communities that are emerging in your fields of interest. Be curious about their fundamentals, as you never know how sticky their cause will eventually be.1. Discover. Ask. Research.NEXTNEW AFRICAN 26Once youve found your new niche, tailor your products to them respectfully. If you would like to represent them in a campaign, seek their creative input to ensure validity and credibility, not rehashed representations.2. Avoid gimmicksNEXTNEW AFRICAN 27Collaborate with these new tribes in the creation of your products or services. Like the #AnotherLightUp Project, communities always appreciate getting involved in solving their own problems too.3. Get togetherNEXTNEW AFRICAN 28One common theme in previous African narratives is negativity. Dont patronize your consumers but do focus on how everyone collectively can move forward.4. Stay PositiveNEXTNEW AFRICAN 29As a brand, it is imperative that you are observant and agile to the changing nature of whichever NEw AFRICAN NARRATIVE you discover. In order to stay relevant, as they evolve, so too must you. 5. Evolve and keep evolvingNEXTNEW AFRICAN 30NEW AFRICAN 311. Our free Africa Bulletins 2. 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