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New African Narratives Celebrating new, bold, and empowering demographics in sub-Saharan Africa.


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2. TV ad: La Sape movement by Guinness Guinness' new ad features the 'society of elegant persons of the Congo, otherwise known as the 'Sapeurs', a group of everyday heroes from Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo. In this ad, Guinness follows the Sapeurs, whose way of life is a testament to the belief in putting more in to get more out. Their lives are not defined by occupation or wealth, but by respect, a moral code and an inspirational display of flair and creativity. This is demonstrated through their love of stylish dressing, but its not the fabric or cost of the suit that counts, its the worth of the man inside it. 3. TV ad: La Sape movement by Guinness 4. TV ad: The Reader by Bells The Reader is a poignant South African ad for Bells Whiskey that celebrates the persistence of spirit. The commercial portrays a fiercely determined older man successfully learning how to read a goal he set for himself and for those around him. 5. TV ad: The Reader by Bells 6. Web and mobile platform: Save & Buy Nigerian web and mobile platform Save & Buy has developed a financial planning system for use in online shopping, to enable users to save up online for coveted items. Save & Buy provides a means of payment for items through e-commerce channels, rather than being a channel itself. It allows consumers to save towards the products, conveniently and securely, essentially providing a smart, debt-free way to plan and pay for online purchases, Hugo Obi, co-founder and chief executive officer of Save & Buy, told HumanIPO. 7. Web and mobile platform: Save & Buy 8. Web and mobile platform: Save & Buy 9. Web and mobile platform: Save & Buy 10. DRC: Giant traffic robot officers Officials in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, have constructed two gargantuan robots and plopped them down in the most congested intersections. The bots are roughly eight feet tall, and have a charmingly retro design. Basically, the robotic officers work like elaborate traffic lights, complete with waving arms and flashing signals. They're even programmed to speak with any pedestrians who might be waiting to cross the street. 11. Nigeria: Wecyclers Wecyclers is a social enterprise that incentivises people living in poor areas of Lagos to recycle their household waste, preventing it from piling up. Lagos-born and -raised founder and CEO, Bilikiss Adebeyi, previously worked at IBM and conceived of the idea while doing an MBA at MIT Business School. Wecyclers uses special bicycles to peddle through these neighbourhoods, picking up bags of recyclable goods from subscribers, who earn points based on the weight of their trash. The points can then be cashed in for rewards, such as a kitchen blender. 12. Nigeria: Wecyclers 13. #AnotherLightUp by Design Indaba Trust, Faith47 and Thingking combine public art with the potential of crowdfunding to build streetlights in Khayelitsha. The project aims to fund the installation of a streetlight system into one of Cape Town's more dangerous neighbourhoods, empowering individuals with the potential to be active agents of change. Design Indaba Trust, Faith47 and Thingking have teamed up to create a mural that brings about a community-level change through the duality of art-based social impact. The multistorey artwork has a visual feedback loop for those who view it: the wall lights up at night each time enough money is raised for one new light to be installed on a pathway in the informal settlement of Monwabisi Park, Khayelitsha, through the organisation Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU ). #AnotherLightUp 14. #AnotherLightUp 15. Robotics start-up, Airware, recently announced that its partnered with East Africas largest black rhino sanctuary, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, to demonstrate a drone specifically designed for conservation. Originally based in San Francisco, but currently operating in Kenya, Airware is showcasing anti-poaching UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in an effort to demonstrate an effective and innovative tool for wildlife conservation. Kenya: Airware 16. Kenya: Airware 17. Piratas do Pau is a Mozambican design collective run by creative design office, ABdesign (Ab Oosterwaal), based in Maputo, along with two design studios WAZO (Alfonso Pessanha) and KUVA (Aldo Tornaghi), both based in Lisbon. The collective combines design and manufacturing of unique products with the skills development of young craftsman and artisans in Maputo. Piratas do Pau designs and makes handmade products using local techniques and local materials, often recycled, while providing young Mozambicans with training, a fair living and access to opportunities. Mozambique: Piratas do Pau 18. Mozambique: Piratas do Pau (website) 19. Zashadu is a leading British/Nigerian sustainable luxury brand that specialises in handcrafted leather pieces. The brand works with local sustainably sourced leathers, farmed exotic skins and rough-cut precious stones set in brass. Nigeria: Zashadu Bags 20. Accra Green Market was formed to improve food security for local residents by increasing physical and economic access to healthy food and agricultural value-added products. The main aim of this event is to promote local, organic and improved agriculture products by hosting farmers and vendors who are dedicated to providing the best local produce and products through sustainable means. Ghana: Accra Green Market 21. Styled By Africa (SBA) is an award-winning online destination for people interested in exploring the best contemporary African fashion. Through its online boutique, SBA uses fashion as a tool for sustainable trade, selling products from all over the continent including Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Ghana to customers around the world. Co-founders, Kiran Yoliswa and Alae Ismail, handpick all of the pieces from their own travels around the continent or through serendipitous meetings of like-minded people in other parts of the world who also believe in the potential and power of 'Made in Africa'. Styled by Africa 22. Styled by Africa (website) 23. Styled by Africa (website) 24. Thank you.