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Transforming Hunters and Farmers


<ul><li> 1. Transforming Hunters and FarmersMike Cleland</li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda Advantages of a Mixed Client Portfolio Key Challenges Three Key Steps Overview of Management Tools 3. Important Considerations Simplicity Remains A Key Priority Strategy Must Align with Delivery Capabilities Fix then Expand Ensure the Proper Runway 4. The Mixed Portfolio 5. Sales Maturity ModelOwnerOperatorPrimaryStrategyMixedPortfolio 6. The Strategies of Sustainable Growth Large Account Business Development Large Account Penetration SMB Business Development andMaintenanceThese are all distinct, because the threeelements of the sales strategy are different. 7. The Sales StrategyValuePropositionSales Process Targeted Buyers What are the accounts we must target or grow? Who are the decision makers that determine our success? What do they care about that drives buying decisions? How should my sales organization behave? How must I manage to ensure alignment? 8. Advantages of a Mixed Portfolio Leverages value of the branch sales model Balances growth, diversification andprofitability Retains the companys sales edge 9. The Branch Model: Key Differentiators Alignment with end buyers Strong local client relationships Powerful local sourcing capabilities Real time and in-depth market intelligence Culture focused on business developmentAll these elements lead to a diverse,productive, and profitable client base. 10. Growth, Diversification, and ProfitabilityLarge AccountsAdvantages: Drives Growth Farming Sales Role Predictable GMDisadvantages: UnderminesDiversification Lower GM JO Productivity 11. Growth, Diversification, and ProfitabilitySMB AccountsAdvantages: Account Diversification Higher GM JO Productivity Growth RateDisadvantages: Sustainable Volume Hunter Sales Role High Client Expectations 12. Retaining the Sales EdgeOrganizations naturally evolve towards delivery:Mixed portfolio retains the sales edge of the organization 13. Challenges 14. Challenges Multiple Buyer Types Multiple Sales Roles Multiple ProcessesA mixed portfolio requires creative andflexible management. 15. Buyer Types Staffing Program KDMs Program Hiring Managers SMB BuyersEach buyer type has unique motivations andbuying methods - even within the samecompany 16. Multiple Sales RolesLarge Accounts Program Hunter Direct Hunter Account Manager Delivery ManagerSMBs Direct Hunter Sales Support 17. Multiple Processes Prospecting Account Qualification Account Penetration Lead Generation and Follow-Up 18. Managing Complexity Ensure Your Current Strategy is Strong Everyone Must be Managed Trust but Verify - Be Actively Engaged 19. Three Key Steps 20. Three Key Steps Understanding Customer Perspective Defining Your Sales Roles Managing to the StrategyThese three key steps are essential to anysales organization regardless of complexity 21. Understanding CustomerPerspective 22. Account Funnel ManagementAccount Funnel Management focuses onbusiness development through theperspective of the customer. From Prospects to Clients From Clients to Anchors Disqualification 23. Account Qualification Qualify the Match Define the Key Relationships Determine the Best Approach 24. Qualifying the MatchDefines the type of accounts the sales peopleshould be targeting and how they should bequalified. Areas include: How well does the clients approach tostaffing match yours? What is expected job order volume? What is the expected timeline? What Investments are required? 25. Defining Key Decision MakersEvery decision maker has their ownmotivations and approach to choosingpartners. Who are the key players? What do they care about? How do they buy? 26. Determine the Best ApproachEach buyer type requires a differentapproach. Selling to staffing program KDMsrequires managing a complex sell whereSMBs are more tactical. How do we sell? What type of sales person do we need? 27. AssignmentOnce the account funnels have beendefined you must decide on yourassignment method: Laissez Faire Buyer Type Account List Territories 28. Key QuestionsIs your sales team aggressive and focused?Is your sales team spending enough timeprospecting?Are you getting enough job order volume fromnew accounts?Are your new job orders from desirable accounts?Are you maximizing the return on current clients?Does your sales team require ongoing coaching? 29. Defining Your Sales Roles 30. Sales RolesLarge Accounts Program Hunter Direct Hunter Account Manager Delivery ManagerSMBs Direct Hunter Sales Support 31. Sales Roles Define Success Factors Define the Role Right People in the Right Roles 32. Success Factors Who Must They Sell To? How Must They Establish Credibility andTrust? How Must They Run Their Desk?The role is defined based on the answer tothese questions 33. Right People Right Role Style Skills Maturity 34. StyleStyle captures the preferred way a salesperson relates to clients and establishes trustand credibility.Personality assessments can give insight intoa sales persons natural style. 35. Style: DiSC Assessments Credible Approachable RelevantD i Flexible C S 36. Managing to Style With coaching, some sales people can quicklyadapt their style based on requirement of thebuyer type. In some cases they cannot adapt and need toshift roles. Strong Ds and Account Penetration Strong Is and Hunting SMBs 37. Skills Desk Management Activity Level Consultative Selling Relationship Selling 38. Adaptability Level of Independence Ability to Adjust Approaches 39. Key Questions Do the success factors match thedominant style of the sales person? Does the sales person have the requiredskills? Can the sales person adapt both theirstyle and skill set? 40. Managing the Sales Strategies 41. Capturing the Customer PerspectiveManagement Tools 42. Account Funnel Tools Target Account List Staffing Program Tracking Account Planning 43. Target Account List* Lists the Assigned Accounts Captures Qualification Data Time Allocation Effective for SMB and Large AccountHunters 44. Staffing Program Tracking Track Staffing Program Opportunities Multiple KDMs Action Items Sophisticated CRM with ProjectManagement Capabilities Effective for Program Hunters 45. Account Planning* Template to Map Out Opportunities Focuses on Account Penetration Provides Structure for Forecasting Use Only for Growth Accounts Effective for Account Managers andLarge Account Direct Hunter 46. Personnel ManagementManagement Tools 47. Performance Management Tools Assessment Tool Scorecard Review Account Activity Report 48. Assessment Tool*DiSC Sample Sales Profile and Brochure Customer Interaction Guide Group Culture Report Management Profile 49. Performance Scorecards Metrics Customize Based on Sales Role Reviewed Weekly or Monthly Benchmarking Goals vs Trending Activity, Quality, Results Reference Account Funnel Tools Objectives Forecasting 50. Account Activity Tracking Focus the Metrics on the Sales Strategy Ensures Quality of Activity Identifies Wasted Effort 51. Wrap UP 52. Wrap UP Mixed Portfolios Benefits Challenges of Complexity Begin with the Customer Define your Sales Roles Customize your Management Approach 53. Q&amp;A 54. Mike </p>