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  • 1. Tiana Vs Lon!!! Breakin each others heart on the battlefield.

2. Terrain

  • First note we are playing on a 4x4 board instead of a 4x6 due to the fact we are playing on malifaux night at GT, so they had limited space. This ended up effecting the game quite a bit.
  • Terrain. Here we rolled and got a building (green), a dwarven brewery (gives ITP and stubborn), a plain river, a marsh which traps monsters (neither of us have any), and the charpal pit (gives undead a 6+ regen and everyone else -1 LD), this ended up not doing very little.
  • Lon placed the building first, then Tiana set up the charpal pit in a great location. She knows I will have to come to her, so she places it towards her side were the battle will occur, however this also creates sort of a choke point for the lizards to squeeze through, limiting Lons mobility, a very smart move.

3. Deployment

  • Lizardmen
    • Cold ones are on the far side to attempt to flank. Two saurus heroes are in this unit.
    • Saurus warriors flank either side of the large temple guard unit with slann inside.
    • With the small board, the Chameleons have a hard time scouting. They are placed in the marsh in hopes to go first.
  • Tomb Kings
    • The chariots are deployed on the far side to set up an ambush for the speedy cold ones
    • Two units of 10 archers flank the Tomb Guard, who are in the center of the tomb king deployment zone. The Tomb guard have an icon bearer and a tomb king on foot.
    • A unit of 15 archers are behind the bulk, housing one liche priest and the hierophant.
    • Screaming skull catapults are on either side of the deployment zone, both within incantation range. One is modeled with a hell cannon.
    • The casket of souls is in the far corner of the board. The small table limits flanking, as well as the threat from scouting chameleons, yet still draws line of sight to all enemies.
  • Lizardmen finish deploying first and also roll to go first.

4. Lizard Turn one

  • Blocks move up
  • Chameleons move up in hopes to snipe a chariot
  • Cold ones get ready to charge a unit of chariots.
  • Other chameleons move up to snipe at the catapult

5. Lizard Turn one (cont.)

  • The slann rolls low on his winds, so he gets up his throne of vines and earthblood to help against shooting attacks.
  • Chameleons deal 4 wounds to chariots. The other chameleons nearly kill a catapult, but 1 crew member is left. The two casualties are later reanimated.

6. Tomb King turn one

  • Tomb kings do not move very much.
  • Archers do however manage to kill chameleons. It would be quite a feat for normal shooting (as they are -1 to hit for skirmishing and another -1 for their chameleon roll), but tomb kings always hit on 5s.
  • Catapults begin dealing out casualties to all lizard blocks, hoping to cause panic.

7. Lizard Turn Two

  • Chameleons suicide charge into chariots to make way for the cold one riders to charge the other group of chariots. Chameleons manage to do 2 wounds, but then die to attacks. The cold ones kill their chariots pretty easily, but Lon had a misunderstanding of the rules. He thinks he has to roll a leadership check to avoid overrunning. He fails so overruns into the corner. (this rule is only for pursuit, not overrunning)
  • So, the slann rolls a 2 for his winds of magic. However, he does have the forbidden rod which he activates. He gains 6 more dice! However He fails his first casting roll and it is all for naught.
  • Blocks continue their march forward.

8. Tomb King Turn Two

  • The chariots move in such a way during the movement phase that they flank charge the cold ones in the magic phase.
  • More saurus take casualties to bows and catapults. They have a very hard time making armor saves. Note the skull behind the temple guard, this is an underground tomb scorpion who is still underground.
  • Chariots roll exceedingly well and manage to take out several cold ones, who flee off the board. Chariots fail to restrain (ld3) and also run off. Tomb kings cheer as this is a huge turning point, as the teeth of the lizard army are now dead. At this point the lizards try their best remain steady.

9. A nice picture of the field at this point

  • Lizard turn 3 points are missing, all blocks charge. Saurus warriors make their charge against bowmen, but the temple guard fail their charge. Saurus warriors easily win their fight. The orange saurus attempt to overrun into the catapult (hell cannon model) but dont make it. The green warriors win and attempt to overrun into the heirophants unit, but also fail. (someone should have pre-measured)

10. Tomb King Turn Three

  • The tomb scorpion pops out. It holds back though, as it wont be able to take on the temple guard alone, even from the rear.
  • The chariots come back on the board and are magicd into the side of the saurus warriors.
  • The real surprise on this turn was a unit of heavy skeletal horsemen popping up out of the ground and rear charging the saurus block. The hierophant and liche priestess leave their unit, which then reforms and is charged into the flank of the saurus warriors. Oh my!

11. Tianas Devistation

  • Tiana is super devastated. She wins combat by 3, and the charpal pit lowers my leadership check by 1, but the saurus still hold.

12. Combined Turn Four

  • The slann rolls a 2 for his winds again, but manages to get flesh to stone off.
  • Temple Guard charge into tomb guard, pretty much a push. The scorpion joins in on the tomb king turn, adding 3 combat res even without wounding! But the slann makes them stubborn on a 9 with a re-roll. A lesser unit would have easily fled.
  • The orange saurus defeat the chariots on the tomb king and are poised to strike the skull catapult.

13. Combined Turn Five

  • Not much really happens. The only thing of real interest is the orange saurus warriors charge and kill the skull catapult.
  • The green saurus warriors, flanked by bowmen, cant ever do enough wounds in combat to crumble their opponent.
  • Temple guard nearly off the tomb guard in one round, but not quite enough. The tomb guard also have the banner of undying legion so they quickly resurrect. This is probably due to the fact her hierophant can hold two scrolls which she had been holding onto, (due to the TK brooch scroll being an enchanted item) and dispelled all the slanns magic.
  • With two wounds on the tomb scorpion, Tiana opts to go for broke and attack the slann. 4 attacks with killing blow and poison, she has an ok chance. One killing blow and a failed ward save would mean the end of the slann, however, it didnt happen today. The scorpion is promptly killed by temple guard.

14. Combined Turn Six

  • In the last turn of the game not much happens. Green saurus and bowmen are still at a stand-off, along with temple guard and tomb guard. Orange saurus sit still, because they cant charge anything. This is the last picture.
  • Tomb kings destroyed two saurus heroes, the cold one unit, and both units of chameleons.
  • Lizardmen kill a skull catapult, two bowmen units, both chariot units and a scorpion.
  • The total is 111 points for the tomb kings! Tough luck lizards!

15. After game fun!

  • Abraham, our new buddy/store employee, congratulates Tiana on her victory by chasing her around like a spider monkey.
  • What we learned!
    • Tomb kings: small units may still work for this army, especially sacrificial units of archers. Two catapults are a must. Chariots sometimes rock, but sometimes fluff. Icon bearers are awesome.
    • Lizardmen: No more small boards!!! Overrunning is optional. Shooting hurts bad being so slow. Pre-measure before overrunning. A key dispel scroll can really hurt lore of life. Need to stop rolling shitty during key moments.