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  • How to draw a whale 1. Start with a half circle. 2. Then draw a little sharp fin connected to the bottom of the half circle.

    3. Draw a line going up from the fin.

    4. Now draw 2 little lines going down from the line you just did and that will be your back fin.

    5. Now all you have to do is draw a little dot near the half circle.

    6. For the mouth draw a line going from the half circle to the middle of the whale.

    This is your whale if you get stuck just look at the picture.

  • 1. Draw around circle. 2. Draw 2 smaller circles on the big circle. 3. Draw a large oval under the big circle. 4. Now draw the arms, draw 2 small circles

    on the oval. 5. Draw 2 more circles on the bottom. 6. Now the eyes draw 2 little circles near the

    middle. 7. Draw 2 tiny circles in the circle in the

    middle. 8. Colour the space between the eye and the

    ear. 9. Now do the same thing but just around the

    eye. 10. Do an egg shape for the nose. 11. Draw a bowl between the arms and legs. 12. Draw a tiny little circle under the noes. 13. Draw curvy lines in the boul. 14. For the chopsticks you need to draw 2

    sticks in the bowl.

  • 3+ Toy Story Its a great movie!!! There are 3 awesome episodes and cool characters. When you watch the movie it feels like you have been transported into it and by the end you will have forgotten all of your worries. There are always happy endings and thats perfect for little kids. But it can be a bit scary on episode 3 but not too scary. Its really interesting and exciting and its good for people who like long movies!!! Ada and Tiana rate this 4/5 stars!

  • Monet

    LG/ What Country are you from? M/ I was born in Paris. LG/ What do you love painting? M/ I love painting plain air paintings. LG/ Is Monet your first name? M/ no my first name is Claude. LG/ When were you born? M/ I was bourn in November the 14th in 1840. LG/ What was your first painting? M/I completed my first painting in 1858 and it was called Entitled View from Rouelles. LG/ How old were you when you first painted a picture? M/ I was about 5 when I first painted. LG/ Do you paint for fun or do you do it for money? M/ from my childhood, I do it for fun and I sell my pictures for money. LG/Do you like painting people as well? M/ I have done some paintings with people in it. LG/What do you like about painting? M/ What I like about painting is that it makes you calm and its fun.