the skeletal system no bones about it! did you know? the adult skeleton has 206 bones

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  • The Skeletal System

    NO BONES ABOUT IT!Did you know?The adult skeleton has 206 bones

  • Things to Know:Oste boneArt joint-blastgerm or embryonic-clastbroken-cytecellPeri-aroundDia-between or acrossEpi-uponHemat-blood

  • The Skeletal SystemParts of the skeletal systemBones (skeleton)Joints (flexibility)Cartilages (cushion)Ligaments (connect bone to bone)

  • Functions of BonesSupport the body (internal framework)Protect soft organs (vertebrae)LAllow movement due to attached skeletal musclesStore minerals and fats (fats, clacium, phosphorus)Hematopoiesis (Blood cell formation)

  • The Skeletal SystemTwo subdivisions of the skeleton1. Axial skeleton (skull, ribs, spine)2. Appendicular skeleton (pectoral girdle, pelvic girdle, bones of limbs)

  • Figure 5.1aShaftHeadHeadLong bones Have a shaft with heads at both endsTypically longer than they are wideContain mostly compact boneExamples:Femur (longest bone in the body)Classification of Bones by Shape

  • Anatomy of a Long BoneDiaphysisCompact boneProtected by periosteum (membrane)Epiphysis Ends of the boneThin layer of compact boneBut mainly spongy bone in the middleProtected by articular cartilage

  • Anatomy of a Long BoneMedullary cavity Cavity inside of the diaphysisContains yellow marrow (mostly adipose) in adultsContains red marrow (for blood cell formation) in infants

  • Figure 5.1b2. Short bonesGenerally cube-shapeContain mostly spongy boneExample:CarpalsTarsalsPatella

  • 3. Flat bonesThin, flattened, and usually curvedTwo thin layers of compact bone insideLayer of spongy bone insideExample: SkullRibsSternum

  • 4. Irregular bonesIrregular shapeDo not fit into other bone classification categoriesExample: Vertebrae Hip bones


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