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  • 1. Here was the original photo that I was going to use on my front cover however there were a few problems which prevented me from using it. One of the most obvious problems is the gap underneath the girls chin where I had to cut out as it was a green background. It looks very odd so I had to scrap this photo and use it on my double page article.

2. You can see the problem area as I have zoomed in. I tried to solve the problem by filling in the gap to make it look like their hair, and again it it didnt look right, so I opted to use another photo instead. 3. This is the photo now that I am using on my front cover. It is very innocent which is what we want from the magazine. The lollipop emphasises youth, so this is why I used it. This photo makes my magazine look very effective as it is the main attraction, and this is what the audience will see first. 4. This is where I have placed the photo, and as you can see I have placed it on the left hand side. Not many pop magazines place their photos on the left hand side because this is where the left third will be. However I have challenged the codes and conventions because of the way I photo is positioned. 5. I got my masthead . This is a very simple font yet it looks effective on the page. i have broken the codes and conventions of music magazine as many mastheads dont use a box out behind it. I have used this because it stands out from the rest of the magazine and immediately attracts the target audience. I have called it poppin because it hints that it is a pop magazine. The star on the top of the I shows that the magazine has a creative side and again hints who the target audience is. 6. The bottom strip matches the masthead. I have used the same colour scheme throughout my magazine which is yellow and purple. This stands out from the rest of the magazine and it attracts the audience into buying it because of the bright colours. I have used a bottom strip because I wanted to include additional information about what is included in the magazine which hopefully lure the audience in to purchasing it as well as reading it. 7. As you can see I have added information on my bottom strip which would appeal to my target audience which is teenage girls. I have also included one coverline which is about fashion again this is something that teenage girls are into and by giving them what they want I am immediately drawing them into the magazine. Teenage girls will like what is on offer because I am giving them puzzles and horoscopes and much more which implies that they are missing out if they dont buy this magazine. 8. I have included more coverlines that would appeal to the teenage market and a lure which is of a free poster. This acts as my left third although it is not directly on the left hand side. The coverline exclusive interview shows that if you didnt buy the magazine you will be missing out on the interview as it is exclusive, so this makes the reader want to but it. 9. This is originally what the coverline for the shocking real life was going to look like, but as I went along I made a lot of changes, mainly on the appearance of the coverline. This is how it was before but as you can see on the next slide I have changed it so that it is more suitable for the magazine. 10. I have changed the original coverline which is on the previous slide to make it look a lot better, and grab the attention of the reader. I have done this by including an extreme close up of a girl so you can only see her eyes. This immediately grabs the readers attention because it looks as though she want to tell you something however you have to read the magazine to find out more information on the story. 11. I have changed the font of the text so that it is more readable and included a coverline to explain the picture, again to lure the audience in. I have also used price and a barcode because this a code and convention of am music magazine and this helps to identify what it is. Although my coverlines are not about music it is about fashion. I'm bringing a new gap into the market as not many magazines combine both fashion and music into one magazine except for pop magazines which is what mine is. I have included something related to music on the top strip, which is a chance to win tickets to see Sugababes. This is a once in a lifetime trip and since Sugababes are a well known pop band this will help sell the magazine to the audience. 12. My second coverline music!, scandal! All in this mag emphasises that you can get almost everything from this magazine. The use of slang shows who the target audience is- its only because teenagers abbreviate words and use slang, so they will be drawn as they can relate to this magazine. 13. 14. I have used other photos on my magazine which are females. Not many magazines are aimed solely for women, so this bridges the gap in the market. This also represents female dominancy has only females are used. The photos have a funky border around the edge breaking codes and conventions as this is not normally used on photos. This gives it a creative edge and attracts the target audience. 15. This is the transformation from the original image I took. I edited this photo on Photoshop as you can see you sort of get a border around the photo which I have used on my front cover. This is appealing and attracts its audience. I have used this for effect, and it takes the focus away from the rest of the magazine. 16. The same effect has been used on this photo too, and the reason why did this is because it takes the focus away. Also this photo used non verbal communication and it looks as though she is looking at you so basically you are tempted to read the magazine. 17. Here is the original picture all I have done is cut around the picture so that you cant really see her nose that much. Although she is not looking directly into the camera she has that look that makes you want to buy the magazine. 18. This is the photo that I used for my contents page. All I did was add a purple background because it goes with the colour scheme. She is giving non verbal communication, so it tempts you into the magazine. 19. This is my starting point for my magazine. I used the same sort of style for my contents page so that you can immediately tell that they are linked. 20. I have used the photo with the background, this has colour so it will attract the audience. I have text on it, in the same colour to follow the colour scheme again so it stands out. My layout is split into sections so it is easier for the audience to read it and pick and choose what they want to read. 21. Here is the layout for the magazine. It split up into sections for fun and fashion. All the coverlines underneath fun and fashion are related and I have thrown in coverlines about music related to fashion and music. The reader has a variety to choose from again making them want to read the magazine. I have the picture in the middle is also the centre of attention and draws the reader into reading the coverlines. 22. I have included another photo which splits up the whole contents. I think that it is important to have more than one photo because it makes the content look interesting. I have changed the colour of the coverlines because that is what music magazines do. The coverlines stand out and catch you attention because they are in capital letters. The extra information makes you want to read the other pages from the magazine. 23. This is my starting point for my double page spread. I have the purple background to draw the attention of the reader and used a big font so that it could be seen from a distance. The font is very creative, giving the whole article a creative edge. 24. I have then added in my text in the same layout as you would see any other article. Its in columns so this again makes you aware that it is a double page article. 25. I have included box outs which is what normal magazines do to add the quotes that they say. I have done the same because that is what they should include, and I want my magazine to look realistic. 26. 27. Here are the quotes that are from the article. Because they are in the purple box out it stands out from the rest of the article. Because of the quotes it makes you want to read it. 28. I have used photos of CANDY GiRL, this is what normal magazines do. This will make the readers aspire to be like her. And it proves that you can be what ever you want to be as long as you put your mind to it.