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Plan.Do – The Social Action App gives young people the power to be involved in social action on their terms. It puts the social action tools into the palms of young people and asks, how can you make a difference? Social action is about doing something practical to help others, but Plan.Do is more than that. It makes it easy for young people to run projects that benefit the community while also developing the skills needed to succeed in training, a job and a rewarding career. Finally, Plan.Do makes all this good work visible to potential employers, promoting the skills learnt and raising young people’s chances of securing the job they really want.


  • 1. Introducing Plan.Do the social action appCreate a project Plan.Do starts with the creation of a social action project. After users have identified the need in their communities they give the project a title and image that will capture the imagination of other young people and provide a short description. This is also where the budget and target dates of the project are

2. Introducing Plan.Do the social action appProject Dashboard Once created, all team members see an overview of upcoming tasks in a project and a progress bar representing the number of tasks completed. There are also shortcut icons to upload images, check the budget, invite others to join and to the Task 3. Introducing Plan.Do the social action appTask Manager Users can view all tasks for a project, and drill down to see or edit the description, how much of the projects budget is allocated to a task or who is responsible for completing it. Completed tasks are seen as crossed off the 4. Introducing Plan.Do the social action appTime management Users will learn how to schedule and plan tasks for themselves and others. The calendar view will show them when their tasks are due to keep them on 5. Introducing Plan.Do the social action appBudget management Users will learn how to set and manage a budget for themselves and others. The view will show them the total, spent and remaining 6. Introducing Plan.Do the social action appMessages A simple in-app message system allows users to get in touch with each other, as well as project supervisors to share tips and advice securely. Users receive a notification at the top of the screen to let them know a message is waiting for 7. Introducing Plan.Do the social action appEmployability skills Weve designed a set of badges which pull out the things that employers have told us they are looking for. Badges appear greyed out until achieved. With verification from a team leader, users will acquire badges automatically, collecting evidence and examples to help them articulate their 8. Introducing Plan.Do the social action appAdmin dashboard For professionals weve designed an admin dashboard that enables you to have a quick overview of all of the social action projects youre responsible for. This dashboard will enable monitoring and reporting on tasks completed, budgets and scheduling as well as badges awarded. Simple reports can be generated from the 9. Introducing Plan.Do the social action appComing soon We are undertaking an agile development process. This means were testing it with young people and building in new functionality every day. We will be launching in February 2014. The following functionality will be coming soon:Maps and geo tags Online profiles Printable social action CVs Film uploading Sharing on social