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    The Refurbishment and Upgrading of Football Stadiums in Colombia

    No. 34.11 October 2011 Residential Building

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  • Contents

    Centenario Stadium Armenia 4

    Roberto Melndez Metropolitano Stadium- Barranquilla 6

    El Campn Stadium - Bogota 8

    Pascual Guerrero Stadium - Cali 10

    Jaime Morn Stadium Cartagena 12

    Palogrande Stadium - Manizales 14

    Atanasio Girardot Stadium Medellin 16

    Hernn Ramrez Villegas Stadium Pereira 18

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    In May 2008 Colombia was selected by FIFA as the host country for the 2011 Under-20s Football World Cup Finals. This is the second most important event of the FIFA footballing world, involving teams from twenty-four countries every two years. Colombia had proposed eight existing football stadiums which were to be refurbished and upgraded in time for the championship events. FIFA Quality Standards demanded extensive work to prepare the se-lected venues to be World Cup stadiums. The upgrading works overall included: structural strengthening, additional improvements for specta-tor safety and security, the installation of new seating and giant video screens, the refurbishment of changing rooms, toilets, the TV, radio and press rooms, plus the installation of additional lighting towers. This brochure illustrates some of the refurbishment and improvement works that were carried out on these stadiums in preparation for this important event.

  • Project Description

    The Centenario Stadium is the main sports auditorium for the city of Armenia. It was originally built in 1988 and has previously been used in several international tournaments including the Copa America 2001, the Bolivarian Games of 2005 and the South American Under-20s Football Championship of 2005.


    The stadium stands had to be modified to accommodate the installa-tion of new and additional seating, plus there were improvements and upgrading works carried out to the press rooms, the changing rooms and the toilets.

    Project Participants

    Owner: Mayors Office of ArmeniaContractor: SygmaYear: 1999 and 2011

    The Centenario Stadium - Armenia

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    Sika Solutions

    The stadium had been reinforced in 1999 following the earthquake that occurred in the nearby coffee-growing region. The structure was strengthened with additional reinforced concrete panels on piles driven in the foundations, together with externally bonded reinforcement using carbon fibre plates as structural strengthening to increase the loading capacity of the main beams supporting the stands.

    The strengthening of the main beams of the stadium was achieved using Sika CarboDur S1012 carbon fibre plates as externally bonded reinforcement.

    Throughout the construction works, SikaGrout -212 expanding cementitious grout was used for sealing around the steel reinforcement holding the new concrete panels in the stands. The epoxy resin based Sikadur AnchorFix-4 adhesive system was used for structurally anchoring the additional fixings into the existing concrete structure. The internal surfaces of the stands were also enhanced by the application of SikaColor F; an acrylic based waterproofing and anti-carbonation coating.

    Product Quantity

    SikaColor F 1,400 kg

    Sikadur AnchorFix-4 150 kg

    Sika CarboDur S1012 Plates 50 m

    Sikadur-30 50 kg

    SikaGrout-212 150 kg

  • Project Description

    The Metropolitano Stadium was inaugurated in 1986 and it has been one of the most important stadiums in Colombia ever since. It hosted Colombias Group games in the Qualifying rounds of the FIFA World Cups for Italy in 1990, the United States in 1994, for France in 1998 and for the German Finals in 2006.In 2011 the Metropolitano Stadium was the second venue for the Under-20s World Cup Finals and the Opening Ceremony was held here.

    Roberto Melndez Metropolitano Stadium - Barranquilla


    The structure of the Metropolitano Stadium was originally built in re-inforced concrete with no protective treatment to ward off environ-mental attack, meaning it has subsequently suffered corrosion of the steel reinforcement. The structure showed numerous signs of distress and cracks were evident in all of the cantilevered support beams that constitute the main structure of the stadium. These were potentially compromising durability, as they allowed the ingress of water and other aggressive elements directly to the embedded steel reinforcement.Additionally, the structure required structurally upgrading to meet the requirements of the latest Colombian Earthquake Resistance Regulations.The rest of the upgrading included the installation of new seating and a giant screen, together with the complete refurbishment of the changing rooms and toilets, plus improvements to the press facilities.

    Project Participants

    Owner: City of BarranquillaContractor: Unin Temporal MetropolitanoYear: 2011

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    Sika Solutions

    The most important structural upgrading requirements of the Metropolitano stadium were in the main supporting beams and col-umns of the structure. The 56 external elbows of the cantilevered beams were structurally strengthened by reinforcing them with the SikaWrap 103C carbon fibre fabric based system, in order that they could absorb the forces that could potentially be transmitted to this part of the structure. The existing roof beams that were to support the giant video screens, were structurally strengthened by reinforcing them with the externally bonded Sika CarboDur S1012 carbon fibre plate system.Additional concrete refurbishment works to the structure included the removal of damaged concrete and application of a complete Sika con-crete and repair system. This included: thorough cleaning of any ex-posed steel reinforcement bars and application of a corrosion inhibitor (SikaTop-Armatec 108), sealing and injection of cracks with a low viscosity epoxy resin (Sikadur -35 HI Mod LV), then replacement of the concrete to its original profile with repair mortars (SikaTop-122 and SikaRepair 224).

    Product Quantity

    SikaWrap 103C Fabric 470 m

    Sikadur-301 520 kg

    Sikadur-35 HI Mod LV 700 kg

    Sikadur Panel Adhesive 500 kg

    Sika CarboDur S1012 Plates 50 m

  • Project Description

    The El Campn Stadium has been the most important sporting location in the Colombian capital of Bogota since its inauguration on 10 August 1938.This stadium has hosted many important national and international events including the Bolivarian Games of 1938, the South American Championships of 1964, the Pre-Olympic Championships of 1968, 1971 and 1980, the Copa America in 2001 and the Colombian National Games of 2004.


    The upgrading and refurbishment works required included the installa-tion of new and additional seating, the refurbishment of the changing rooms, press facilities, VIP rooms and sick bays, plus general upgrading of the access and circulatory routes for the public, and of other areas for different commercial uses.

    Project Participants

    Owner: I.D.R.D.Contractor: Consorcio BOLYear: 2009 and 2010

    El Campn Stadium - Bogota

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    Sika Solutions

    In 2009 the refurbishment of the El Campn Stadium got underway in preparation for the Under-20s World Cup Finals in 2011.The spectator stands were improved by applying protective coat-ings to the horizontal terrace areas and stair treads using polyure-thane resin based Sikafloor-400N Elastic after priming with Sikafloor-156 CO epoxy primer. The vertical stair risers were also given a protective coating using Sikafloor-363 CO polyurethane resin based coating.The reinforced concrete facades of the stadium were enhanced and pro-tected with SikaColor C acrylic resin based anti-carbonation coat-ing.

    Product Quantity

    Sikafloor-400N Elastic 6,000 kg (4.000 m)

    Sikafloor-363 CO 2,000 kg (1.000 m)

    SikaColor C 7,000 kg (9.000 m)

    Sikafloor-156 CO Primer 1,000 kg

  • Project Description

    This stadium has been the centre of sporting culture in Cali and the Cauca Valley since its inauguration in 1937. This has been the site of events as important as the VI Pan-American games in 1971, the Pacific games of 1995, the Colombian National games of 1954 and 2008, the 2001 Copa America, and the finals of the Copa Libertadores between Deportivo Cali and America de Cali. The Pascual Guerrero Stadium, and the sporting complex that has developed around it, has been one of the most comprehensive sporting complexes in Latin America since the 1950s.Although it has been partially refurbished on several occasions for the different sporting events mentioned above, major structural improve-ments and upgrading was still needed for the 2011 FIFA Under-20s World Cup.


    In 2009 complete refurbishment was planned ahead of the World Cup, including structural strengthening, remodelling of changing rooms, press facilities, broadcasting cabins, public evacuation zones, the in-stallation of new seating throughout the stadium and the addition of a new giant screen. The structure of the Pascual Guerrero Stadium is fair-faced reinforced concrete with no protective coating to prevent environmental attack and the subsequent process of corrosion on the steel reinforcement. The structure was already showing clear signs of deterioration on many of its structural elements. Additionally, the structure required strengthening to meet the require-ments of the latest Colombian Earthquake Resistance Regulations.

    Project Participants

    Owner: City of CaliContractor: Consorcio Reforzamiento IMYear: 2011

    Pascual Guerrero Stadium - Cali

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    Sika Solutions

    The Ca