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  • 1. By Rick Riordan

2. -Summary- 3. After the incident thesiblings found a newrelative, their uncleAmos.The history oftheir family is opened upand they learn of theyreroyal magical ancestry(and their magicaltalents) 4. Bast, Carter and Sadie sneak into Dejardens home and steal amanuscript that explains how to get Sets true name. Although Sadie hasgained the skill of reading hieroglyphics she couldnt make out all of thefigures, so they go to the original author 5. Dejardens enters the scene for the final time in this book, with adetermination to kill the Kane siblings.His predecessor died and he took charge, using a deal that canonly be used in one life time. Ras killing machine. She hunted thetwo down lusting for blood. She had been out smarted with Ziasassistance and drank gallon upon gallons of hot sauce thinking itwas blood. When shes full she transforms into a harmless cow. 6. About the author