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1. Scott 2. Screenshots from the trailer: 3. MONTAGE 4. CinematographyThe cinematography in this trailer is very effective as it uses lots of establishing shots, close ups and reactionshots to create a really effective trailer and get a reaction from its audiences.The first shots we see are photographs mainly close ups of mummies this grabs the audiences attention asmummies arent a typical convention used in horror genre trailers.There is then an establishing shot of pyramids and people who are digging . This establishing shot sets thescene along with the sound. Audiences will now be wondering what the narrative is about now that they knowthe location and feel of the trailer.We are then introduced to four main characters with a long shot, the audience now understand that these arethe protagonists and are featured in the narrative.An over the shoulder point of view shot is then shown of a man breaking into rock which then releases a veilof green fog which we then understand is toxic air.The camera then goes fuzzy and has a close up shot of the man who broke through the rock struggling for air,his eyes also go a grey colour. This would create tension and cause the audience to question what happensnext. A medium close up of a woman in front of a pyramid which the audience understands is a report as sheexplains what is happening and that it is a three sided pyramid, this causes the audience to react as they willrealise that this is the pyramid where the events will take place.When the four characters have entered the pyramid there is a series of reaction shots and point of viewswhich intrigues the audience to watch the film as it will unravel the story of what they are so scared of.The camera is then handheld and steady putting the audience into the eyes of the characters which buildstension and makes the trailer even scarier as it looks more realistic.There is a close up of running blood down steps which represents death and the horror genreA point of view medium long shot is also shown of a mummified skeletal figure with a bent over back whichthen builds tension and scares the audience because they are unaware of what will happen. 5. Mise-en-scene SoundThis trailer uses mainly voice overs, diegetic sound and non diegeticsound.The first sound used is a fuzzy non diegetic sound, which then has a voiceover of a man saying It has been called the curse of the Pharaohs. Thisthen leads to the sound of an old camera shutter which sets the tone ofthe trailer being about historical pyramids. Vengeance againstadventurers who disturbed the tomb then tells the audience that there isan evil due to disturbances to tombs. A polish ship carrying twomummies is haunted by... this creates tension because this tells theaudience someone is going to disturb the tombs again and it will unleashdeath which is reinforced by enter a pyramid never to emerge. Thetrailer then cuts to modern day diegetic sound of a female saying Tellthem not to open it up yet which creates tension as the audience has justbeen informed that people have been inside the pyramids and have neverreturned.Fast high pitched non diegetic violin music is then played over the topwhich builds tension as it is fast and matches the pace of the editing.Non diegetic music of low pitched symbols then play which createstension as it is dramatic and slow communicating that something is goingto happen or jump out.Diegetic sound of a man saying its a warning then creates a motivatedquiet sound of a crack in the ceiling which builds tension as the audienceis waiting for something to happen.There is then diegetic sound of a creature growling which will build thetension to a climax as it confirms there is something else in the pyramidwith them.Diegetic sound of screaming is then used to scare the audiences andcreate a frightening atmosphere for the audience.The mise-en-scene in this trailer is very stereotypicalto the horror genre.Old mummified skeletons are the first things seen inthe trailer which is a stereotypical mise-en-sceneconvention for the horror genre as it represents death.The green toxic air is also a horror convention as itis alike fog/mist which also commonly used in forhorror trailers as it represents mystery and theunknown.As the protagonists enter the pyramid the lighting isvery dark; this plays on phobias such as isolation,claustrophobia and being scared of the dark. Theaudience also cant see anything other than what thecamera is looking at which also creates tension andmakes the trailer jumpy. A figure runs quickly past the shot other than thecharacters which suggests that there is something elsewithin the pyramid, this builds tension as the audienceshould automatically realise that it is evil.There is also a skeleton which the audience assume iswhat the figure was that ran past.Blood is also used and is a typical convention as it isstereotypical to horror films as it represents death. 6. Editing TheoryAlike other horror trailers the editing in thistrailer starts off slow paced and gradually buildsup to keep up with the narrative of the trailerwhich also builds tension.There are common editing techniques used inthis horror trailer such as filters, speed variation,title slides and other effects.Filters are used in the beginning and end of thetrailer to create different effects for example asepia filter is used in the first shots to create anaged effect and tell the audience that the traileris based around the pyramids. There is also afilter on a point of view shot to represent that itis dark and the camera is on night vision. Editingeffects are also used when the toxic air isreleased and the camera image becomes fuzzyand pixilated. These editing techniques alike thesound are also vital to horror trailers as theybuild tension and help audiences to identify thegenre and follow the narrative.This trailer follows the following theorys:Todorov narrative theoryEquilibrium the beginning of the narrativestarts out normal, Disequilibrium adisruption occurs in the narrative causingdisequilibrium, Recognition Recognition ofthe disruption, Resolution A plan is madeto solve the disequilibriumRestoration Restoration of the equilibrium,the story returns back to the beginning.However this trailer doesnt feature theresolution or restoration parts whichencourages audiences to watch it as theywill want to know what happens.Rick Altman Genre theory that genres areusually defined by ideaology and narrative.Levi Strauss representation theoryYoung/old, ancient/modern, evil/good,dead/living. 7. Target audience and genreconventionsThe target audience for this film is 15+ they will be horror fans or couldinherited audiences from other genres such as historical films. The british actorfrom The Inbetweeners is also featured in the film and plays the role of Fitzie,an inherited audience of the fans from this tv series and films will also watch ThePyramid as it will be interesting for them to see how the actor is in a differentgenre. The actor Denis O'Hare from American Horror Story is also a maincharacter in this film which will also attract fans as he is well known for being inthe series.Genre Conventions: The conventions in this horror trailer represent and arestereotypical to the horror genresuch as:BloodSkeletonsThe unknownDarknessVengenceDeath