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  • 1. The fuss with Google+Sherrilynne StarkieOctober 19, 2011

2. Agenda About SL A brief history of Google & social networks Why you need another social media platform Ten top tips on making the most of Google+ 3. SL and social media 2004 Travel blogging 2006 Strive Notes, LinkedIn 2007 Facebook, Twitter 2008 Isle of Mans No. 1 Tweet Elite Founded Social Media Club IoM (est. Third Thursday) 2009 2010 Twestival IoM (World No. 2) 2011 Zdnet UKs No. 1 Tech PR on Twitter PRWeekUKs No 2 Power Players of Social Media 4. Google & social networks 5. Another social media platform? Do you really need one? How is it different? Is it worth the time? Who else is actually using it? What happens if I ignore it? 6. Here are the answers 7. Top tips for Google newbies Add info to your profile 8. Top tips for Google newbies Organize your circles 9. Top tips for Google newbies Profile pics scroll 10. Top tips for Google newbies Flexible sharing 11. Top tips for Google newbies Flexible visibility 12. Top tips for Google newbies Notifications 13. Top tips for Google newbies Photo editing 14. Top tips for Google newbies Hangouts 15. Top tips for Google newbies Sparks (aka Google+ searches) 16. Google+ in future? SL an expert? 90 changes in 90 days SEO! Add links FB & Twitter are NOT Google. Numbers40 million users already! 17. Google+ in future? 18. My new hangout Thornley Fallis Communications is one of Canadas leading integrated marketing companies. We offer a complete range of social media services from initial strategic planning and process development through to social media website development and program execution. Whether an organization is dipping its toe into social media or is already fully immersed, Thornley Fallis & 76design have the knowledge and experience to help take it to the next level 19. Thank you! @sherrilynne 613 231 3355 x 225