the eight stages o f the armenian genocide

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The Eight Stages o f the Armenian Genocide. By: Landon Steil Jesse Furber. Classification. Turks And kurds (Muslims). Armenians (Christian). Vs. Symbolization. Armenians were Christian: Therefore any second class citizen were called gavours which means non believer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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The Eight Stages of the Armenian GenocideBy: Landon SteilJesse FurberClassificationTurks And kurds (Muslims)Armenians (Christian)

VsSymbolizationArmenians were Christian:

Therefore any second class citizen were called gavours which means non believer

Any non-Muslim was singled out as a lesser person

DehumanizationNon-Muslims could not:Testify against MuslimsCarry WeaponsRide HorsesHave Houses overlooking Muslim HousesPractice any religious ritualsConsequencesFinesJail DeathSince Armenians were Christian many of their rights were taken away from them and consequences were severe

Armenians were treated as animals a Turk in the background seems to mock the mutilated bodiesOrganizationThe Young Turk Party:Created an agency to take Armenian property and redistribute itReleased convicts from prisons that were organized into killer unitsOrganized the deportation of Enemies (Armenians)

PolarizationPropaganda SurfacesArmenians are siding with the enemy (Russia)They will overthrow IstanbulThey will kill the Committee of Union and its leadersMore Laws and Rights being taken away:Intermarrying of Turks and Armenians forbiddenIdea that the Armenians as a second class citizen becomes more prominent in society

PreparationProperty and goods of Armenians are seizedLooting and burning of neighborhoods and businessArmenian soldiers disarmed and kicked out of militaryArmenian men forced into labor (before execution)Armenian Leaders ExecutedWomen and Children forced to walk into the desert Called Deportation until they would drop deadMen had to dig their own graves before being killed.

ExterminationAble Bodied men were shot or burnedWomen and children died during Deportation (Death marches)Armenians piled into caves fires lit so at the entrance so they would suffocateVillages BurnedChildren taken out to open water and thrown in to drownChildren were taken from school and gassedChildren killed under false pretenses by morphine overdose typhoid shots

DenialThe Turkish government still denies that this was a Genocide Saying that it was merely civil warThey were relocating a potentially dangerous peopleAnd that when people are marched into the desert tragic things happen

9Genocide?Genocide is any acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, any national, ethnic, racial, or religious groups.

The killing of Armenians began April 24th 1915

Between 1,000,000 and 1,500,000 Armenians were killed almost half the population.