by: maddie griffith and rachel brauns rwanda genocide armenian genocide

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  • By: Maddie Griffith And Rachel Brauns Rwanda Genocide Armenian Genocide
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  • Forced to flee their homes because of their ethnicity Lived in refugee camps Treated poorly Lived in fear Persecuted for little, no reason Multiple times in the 1900s Killings would go on for years Genocide- the deliberate killing of a group of people because of their race, culture, political beliefs, or religion. WHAT IS IT?
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  • Occurred all over Europe, Asia and Africa Examples: Armenia, Cambodia, Rwanda, Palestinians, and Darfurians Armenian Genocide
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  • Hutus overthrew the Tutsi monarchy and established a republic Government planned how they would execute the plan Forced to use an id card to identify hutu/tutsi Hutu militia groups set out to kill all Tutsis About 1.1 million Tutsis killed Refugees would run to nearby countries RWANDA GENOCIDE
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  • s/rwandan- genocide/videos#rwanda-the- world-reacts s/rwandan- genocide/videos#rwanda-the- world-reacts United Nations sent 5,500 soldiers to Rwanda United States did not send troops French forces were deployed throughout Rwanda to stop violence and fighting HOW THE WORLD REACTS
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  • United States destroyed Cambodia while fighting the Viet Chong Pot Pol- - Went to school in France but became infatuated with Marxism and Maoism -Eventually lead the Khmer Rouge (Red Cambodians) or Communist Party of Kampuchea (CPK ) -Renamed Democratic Republic of Kampuchea CAMBODIAN GENOCIDE 1975-1979
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  • Used Maos Great Leap Fore ward Ideals 1 st Evacuation of Cities- Thousands of people died along the way and forced to work under horrible conditions 2 nd Businesses shut down, No medicine, No foreigners, No family ties, Shut down to outside world 3rd Employed young soldiers eager to kill and placed his family in high positions in government CAMBODIAN GENOCIDE 1975-1979
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  • Killed anyone that- 1) Was a minority- Christians, Muslims, and Vietnamese 2) Professionals and intellectuals 3) People that refused or could not work 4) Anyone that opposed him- His own Party Forced fake confessions out of people Labor camps- Tuol Sleng Ranked them- old citizens to new citizens CAMBODIAN GENOCIDE 1975-1979
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  • Fall- Vietnam invaded them and replaced with puppet gov Pot pol fled and continued guerrila attacks until his death other gov officals tried for inhumane treatment CAMBODIAN GENOCIDE 1975-1979
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