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  • 1. Armenian Genocide

2. What It Was
Mass genocide by the government of the Ottoman Empire targeting the Armenian people
Genocide:organized killing of any religious, ethnic, or political group of people with the aim of complete or partial extermination/destruction
General acts:expropriation (all of Armenian wealth), abduction and torture (largely women and children), starvation and dehydration (forced to march to Syria through the desert), deportation, massacre
3. 4. Dates
Conventional starting date:April 14th, 1915
Lasted from 19141918, largely during World War I
Period of calm after the war, then continuation of horrible acts during 19201923
1915international community condemns the Armenian Genocide as a crime against humanity (33 years before UN Genocide Convention created)
5. Responsible Parties
Committee of Union and Progress (CUP)leading political party of the Ottoman Empire, also known as the Young Turks
Three controlling figures:
MehmetTalaatMinister of the Interior (1915), Prime Minister (1917)
Ismail EnverMinister of War
Ahmed JemalMinister of the Marine and Military Governor of Syria
Special Organization (convicts and irregular troops, responsible for carrying out massacres)
6. Responsible Parties (continued)
Zia Gokalppromotion of Pan-Turanism (creation of new empire from Anatolia to into Central Asia with a Turkic-only population)
A look at the atrocities committed by the Special Organization
7. 8. Human Costs
1 million perished
2 million lived in the Ottoman Empire before WWI
1+ million deported in 1915
Hundreds of thousands butchered outright
Others died of starvation, exhaustion, and diseases that ravaged concentration camps
Torture and death was rampant
9. Genocide Survivors
10. Witnesses
Photograph restrictions existed but there were still tons of tourists
Mostly diplomatic representatives and missionaries from the US; they were the first to get the word to the outside community
Germans (on important military assignments in the Ottoman Empire since they were allies with them in the World War)
Russians (Russian Army occupied Anatolia)
Syrians (deportees were sent there in terrible condition)
11. International Reaction
It was highly condemned, but no strong action was taken
Strong public outcry in US; Allies demanded reprimand for the CUP leaders after their victory in the war
Political cartoon criticizing the lack of action

12. Movie depicting the genocide