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  • 1. Anne Frank

2. THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK 1943 JUNE 13 , I T KITTY YOU AS DEARES TEN IN VE WRIT HAS BEEN AY I HA ST D AY. IT O R TH E THE FIR OR MY BIRTHD ITS GING F UF YET T LO N GOT YO Y I HAVE SPEN EAMS RIGHT? E DR R DA S BEEN NOTHE D-WE ALL HAV ERE HA R A D A Y TH N E AR TO E MPOSSIBLE.TO OTS THAN EV W SH QUIET MI NE SEE ND GUN HAD TO KEEP MI OMBS A D OUT F. WE MORE B E FOUN E IN A ING OF N O NTLY G IF ANYO IE. WE LIV CONSTA RE IN HIDING S D TO D EFUL A AS WE A ERE ARE BOUN Y GRAT ER SW NGER , I AM V BOUT U WEVER FOR LO A CE , HO R LIVES ALL SPA T TO KEEP OU SM GE WE DO 3. THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK FRIDAY AUGUST 4TH 1944 A SD OFFICERR AND SERVEAL DUTCH POLICEMEN KNOCKED ON THE DOOR OF THE SECRET ANNEX. WE WERE BETRAYED. WE WERE TAKEN TO WESTERBORK, A CONCENTRATION CAMP IN NORTHEASTERN PART OF THE NETHERLANDS.WHEN WE ARRIVED WE WAITED FOR THE INEVITABLE; BEING TAKEN TO ONE OF THE DEATH CAMPS. SEPTEMBER 2ND 1944 IT WAS OUR TURN. A HORRIBLE TRAIN JOURNEY IN A CRAMMED FREIGHT CAR . SEPTEMBER 5TH 1944 WE REACHED OUR DESTINATION. AUSCHWITS. I JUST TURNED 15 I SURVIVED THE FIRST SELECTION. I HAD TO WORK HARD LABOUR AND I BECAME WEAKER AND WEAKER. JANUARY 3RD 1945 MY SISTER AND I WERE TRANSPORTED TO BEGEN-BELSEN I GAVE IN TO TYPHUS. 4. THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK WHO AM I? I AM A JEW. AS OF THE TIME THAT HITLER CAME TO POWER, I MOVED TO THE NETHERLANDS WITH ALL MY FAMILY MY, DAD-OTTO FRANK, MY SISTER-MARGOT AND MOTHEREDITH FRANK.THIS WAS BECAUSE HITLER DID NOT LIKE THE JEWS HE BLAMED THEM FOR THE STATE GERMANY WAS IN, HE DESPISED US SO MUCH THAT HE STARTED KILLING ALL OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE AND WE WERE IDENTIFIED BY THE YELLOW STAR OF DAVID. BECAUSE OF THIS WE WENT NTO HIDING WITH ANOTHER JEWISH FAMILY. The Annex is the ideal place to hide in. It may be damp and lopsided, but there's probably not a more comfortable hiding place in all of Amsterdam. No, in all of Holland.. EMPLOYEES OF MY FATHER SUPPORTED US WITH FOOD AND CLOTHES AND OTHER THINGS WE NEEDED. WE ALL LIVED UNDER CONSTANT FEAR AND BETHRAYL AND DEPORTATION.MY STAR 5. Worship and beliefs Anne's Life was very eventful, and that was mainly because of the reason that at the time the country was at war and everything just literally went out of control. Anne was entitled to her own belief and that was to follow the religion of Judaism along with her parents Otto Frank and Edith Frank. They knew that they had to go into hiding otherwise their life would change, dramatically They hid for approximately 2 and a half years until they got caught on August 4, 1944 and they got sent to a concentration camp called Bergen-Belsen of which they ended up spending their whole life in which was very sad considering the war only finished a couple months later. 6. Holy Books Anne Frank along with her family believed in the Jewish bible considering she was a Jew herself. There Is a variety of holy Jewish books but one of the most holy ones is the holy Jewish bible .They were claimed to be revealed by the god Moses on mount Sinai over many , many years ago. 7. Judaism JUDAISM HAS ABOUT 13 MILLION FOLLOWERS THROUGHT THE WORLD, MOSTLY IN THE USA AND ISRAEL. APPROXIMATELY 270,100 PEOPLE IN THE UK SAID THAT THEIR RELIGIOUS IDENTITY WAS JEWISH. JUDIASM ORIGINATED IN THE MIDDLE EAST OVER 3500 YEARS AGO. MOSES WAS THE MAIN FOUNDER OF JUDAISM, HOWEVER, JEWS CAN TRACE THEIR HISTORY BACK AS FAR AS ABRAHAM.The reason why Anne Frank and a group of other people hid for endless weeks behind a bookcase in a secret room compartment is because at the time if Jews were seen outside, ( or anywhere for that matter!), they would have been taken to a concentration camp where they would have been starved or worked to death, and it would have been appalling too have witnessed it. 8. nd sa a ni yA B ica on M WE enjoyed it 7 e you e e hop W