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  • 1. Agenda Story on community Trends Ive noticed Small Challenges Jainism faces Two Big Challenges What is being Jain about? Q&A

2. Community Story For the first time in the US, Jain kids have a circle ofJain friends right from birth. Every temple has its own cool hang out spot 3. Jains Are Everywhere Jains in business, education, non-profits, law, etc. More Jains in public sphere. This is a key change. 4. Some Trends Less rituals, more questioning (people question anddoubt much more than before. Maybe good forlearning) Change in language used (language poll) Jains from India are taking more roles in temples - isthis keeping more culture in the community? Jainism is a way of life- only individual level so far 5. Small Challenges Will the religion continue without connection toIndian languages and thereby scripture? Who will take on leadership and when? What face will Jainism have in the future when ourgeneration takes on full leadership of the Jaincommunity? 6. Two Big Challenges of Jainism The challenge of Jainism from my perspective is thatJainism is practiced largely on an individual level.(nonviolence example) How will we make Jainism more than just a personaland individual level religion? Will the mark be left outside of the Jaincommunity?(Activist poll) Jainism IS changing whether we want it to or not.What changes is our generation going to be about? 7. What is being Jainabout? My thoughts Living non-ascetic life. Lives in the modern world. Doing self reflection- meditation Training ones mind on reducing anger, ego, greed, deceit OR reducingattachment and aversion Acting on principles: Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Aparigraha, Brahmacharya Not so concerned with (but not against): Diet Prescribed rituals 8. Concluding Thoughts Our history outside of India is new. Jainism is growing and the Jain community isexpanding in surprising ways. The Jain community has lot of talent and resources. Jainism is changing. I hope we take a direction inwhich our Jainism spreads beyond our immediatefamilies into the communities and nation we are apart of. 9. Q & A and Contact Contact me at if you want totalk about anything in the future.