the beauty of hair

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The Beauty of Hair. Desiree Woodle AP English Literature & Composition Mrs. Saunders . The Reason for my interest in hair. What it takes to be a hairstylist History on African American hair Differences in African American and Caucasian hair Interest of hair styles. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Beauty of Hair

The Beauty of HairDesiree WoodleAP English Literature & CompositionMrs. Saunders The Reason for my interest in hairWhat it takes to be a hairstylistHistory on African American hairDifferences in African American and Caucasian hairInterest of hair styles

How do you become a hairstylist?Nine month courseNo need for a 4 year collegeConnectionsGraduate degree from a licensed school

salary of a hair stylist is about $23,810 a yearhours are flexible due to the fact they make their own appointments and the more hours depend on the number of clients they have. need to have good communication and interacting skills to run a successful business

3African American hair historyMadame C.J. Walker (1867-1919)Garret Morgan (1877-1963)Black is BeautifulAppearance was everything

Will never get oldRelaxerJheri Curl Vs. African American Hairdifferent folliclestexture and thickness(8 figure structure & oval shape)cross section & wave and bond pattern Protein and growth rateProtective Oils

Different Things I LearnedCurling with the Curling WandShampooing & DetanglingFlat IroningMarcel CurlingSpiral Rod Set/Perm WrapCrimping

Different Equipment Used

ProductVideo of pictures13 hours with my mentorHours done at the beauty school MentorMrs. TaylorInstructor at the Cosmetology School in Asheboro, NC.

Is this something I want to pursueTHANK YOUAt this time I will now answer any questions you may have.