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Scottish Hair & Beauty Magazine for 3rd year BA Journalism Specialist Production assessment.


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    Get the look: Get the look:

    Dita von TeeseDita von Teese

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    I need an appointment! I need an appointment!

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    The D-Word The D-Word Dandruff and howDandruff and how

    to deal with deal with it.

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    Summer BrightsSummer Brights

  • Contents:Contents:Welcome to the first issue

    of Scottish Hair & Beauty!

    Bringing you the latest

    beauty news and goings

    on around Scotland. In

    this months issue we look

    at summer brights,

    the latest beauty releases and how to get

    burlesque superstar Dita Von Teeses pin-up


    I also headed off to the INAA bloggers do it

    best event in the swanky 29 Private Mem-

    bers Club in Glasgow, to hear all about the

    Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards 2013.

    Well be taking a look at how to find the per-

    fect foundation, how to fight the dreaded d-

    word (dandruff) and highlighting some

    fantastic Scottish beauty bloggers. So we

    hope you enjoy reading our first ever issue!

    Let me know what you think at or tweet me


    Fiona xox

    Page 2: Get the look: Dita Von


    Page 3: Spring Brights

    Page 4: Beauty Bulletin: The lat-

    est beauty news and releases

    Page 5: Fight The Fuzz: Top

    products for hair removal.

    Page 6: How to find: your per-

    fect foundation.

    Page 7-8: I need an appoint-

    ment! Bloggers do it best

    event for the INAA Scottish

    Hair & Beauty Awards.

    Page 9-10: The D-Word: Dan-

    druff and how to deal with it.

    Page 11: Cruelty Free: UK cos-

    metics are now cruelty free!

    Page 12: Scottish bloggers:

    showcasing some up and com-

    ing Scottish beauty bloggers.

    My top 5




    from l-r:Real Techniques brushes, Maybelline Color Tattoo,

    MAC Lipstick, Revlon Colour Stay Foundation, Benefit The

    Porefessional Primer.

  • Get The Look: Dita Von Teese

    THE classic 1950s pin up look

    has been making a comeback

    thanks to stars like world famous

    Burlesque dancer Dita Von


    Ditas super pale skin is flawless;

    start by applying your foundation

    to get an even look. We suggest

    Illamasqua Skin Base Founda-

    tion, 23.00 (1), which has a

    huge shade range to suit any skin


    Next apply a setting powder all

    over the face; Rimmel Stay Matte

    Powder, 3.99 (2), is perfect for

    achieving matte 1950s skin.

    Dita usually goes for a very sim-

    ple eye look, a pale shadow all

    over the lid with a matte brown in

    her crease.

    No pin up look would be complete

    without a cat eye, so try using

    MAC Fluidline in Black Track,

    14.00 (3) with an angled brush

    to get that perfect flick!

    Lashings of black mascara and a

    pair of fluttery falsies add to the


    Fill in the brows with a pencil like

    Rimmels EyeBrow Pencil, 2.99


    Keeping things matte, apply a

    pink blusher like Illamasqua

    Naked Rose, 18.00 (5), on to

    the apples of your cheeks.

    Finally, line the lips with a red lip

    liner and apply a matte red lip-

    stick like Ditas favourite, MAC

    Russian Red, 14.00 (6). And

    there you have it, a classic 1950s

    pin up look that will suit everyone!









    BRIGHTS As spring approaches, the trend for bright and bold make up returns. From neon

    nails to bold blush and super bright lipstick, Scottish Hair & Beauty has some top make

    up picks for this sping and summer:

    Sleek iDivine Acid Palette:7.49 Illamasqua Immodest Lipstick: 16.00

    Models Own Ice Neon Collection:5.00 each

    Sleek Blush By 3 in Pumpkin: 10.00Benefit Bella Bamba Boxed Powder: 23.50

  • BEAUTY BULLETIN The latest beauty news and releases:

    Illamasqua Paranormal Collec-

    tion: Bucking the trends as usu-

    ally, kooky brand Illamasqua has

    released their new Paranormal

    collection. Including UV nail pol-

    ishes, purple lipstick and their

    new Hydraveil primer, available


    MAC Fashion Sets 2013:

    MACs latest release includes

    four colour packed lipsticks

    and their corresponding lip

    liners, glosses, eye shadows

    and nail lacquers; available


    Garnier Perfect Blur Primer: This

    new wonder primer from Garnier

    claims to blur imperfections

    such as pores and scarring,

    making your complexion look

    flawless. Available now.

    Stila Countless Colour Pig-

    ments: These stunning

    multi-use pigments can be

    used as blush or eye

    shadow, and you can even

    rub them into the ends of

    your hair for an ombre ef-

    fect! Available from May.

    Models Own Artistic Nail

    Duos: Combinations of

    the brands top selling

    polishes and top coats.

    Available now.

  • Fight The Fuzz

    HERE at Scottish Hair & Beauty, we believe that if you

    want to go au natural, then good for you! But we like

    our legs smooth, and here are some of our top products

    for the job:

    Gilette Razors:3.99 for 6 - An oldie but a goodie,

    these razors combined with a good shaving cream will

    do the trick. An absolute baragain, these dont come

    with any fancy blades or moisture strips but theyre bril-

    liant to keep as a back up.

    Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream:11.00 - Really

    easy to use; just pop the cream on and jump in the

    shower. 5-10 minutes later and youre fuzz free! Fantas-

    tic. It can be a little smelly but on the whole the easi-

    ness of using it trumps the whiff.

    Veet Touchably Smooth Rechargable Epilator:

    39.99 - Although slightly painful, the benefits of using

    an epilator are plenty. Not only are you left with super

    smooth legs, the effects last a good few days. Perfect

    for going on holiday or to a festival.

    Veet Wax Strips:5.99 - Waxing, like epilation, can be

    painful but achieves the best results. Veet wax strips

    dont require any messy wax or fabric. Simply warm up

    the strips, place them on, wait, pull them off and youre

    good to go!

    Laser hair removal - Laser hair removal cna be expen-

    sive option but its effects are permenant. And in the

    long term in can work out cheaper than buying razors

    for the rest of your life. Over several sessions the laser

    zaps your hair follicle until it falls away, and there we

    have it, no more unsightly hair!

    If youd like more informationon laser hair removal, visit Sk:n Clinic salons in Glasgow and

    Edinburgh are currently offering a 30% discount on hair

    removal sessions.

    Top products for hair removal

  • How to find:

    Your perfect foundation

    Every woman strives to find the perfect foundation.

    The base that will make them look flawless, keep their

    skin shine free or give them a dewy glow. So many

    cosmetics companies make promises they cant keep,

    and cosmetics lovers keep being dissapointed with

    yet another foundation that doesnt live up to its hype.

    You go shopping and return home feeling great about

    your new purchase. The next day you try it on - and

    youre suddenly orange. Or it lasts about 5 minutes

    before sliding off your face. The list goes on. Buying

    foundation can be tricky, but there are a few things

    you should know first -

    Get colour matched: Getting the right colour of foun-

    dation iis the most important part. Your face definitely

    shouldnt be a different colour from the rest of you!If

    you go to a counter that has an assistant, get them to

    colour match you. If you go to a stand that doesnt

    have an assistant, try testing the foundation on your

    jawline and not your hand, as it gives a more accurate

    match. Illamasqua Skin Base foundation (23.00)

    comes in a wide range of shades.

    Coverage: What coverage do you want? Light,

    medium or heavy, the choice is yours. A light/medium

    coverage foundation will perfect your skin but wont

    cover scars, spots or dark marks. A full coverage

    foundation should cover anything you might want to

    hide. A great full coverage foundation is Revlon Color

    Stay (12.99), which comes in two versions for dry or

    oily skin.

    Skin type: Your skin type is hugely important when

    choosing a foundation. Dryer skins suit foundations

    with a dewy finish - try something like MAC Mineralize

    Moisture (21.50). Oilier skins need a foundation that

    will last - something like Estee Lauder Double Wear

    (31.00) will last for hours even on oily skin. Dull skin

    will suit something like Rimmel Wake Me Up (7.99).

    Occasion: If youre buying foundation for an occason

    like a wedding, bear in mind youre going to be pho-

    tographed. Avoid foundations with a high SPF as they

    tend to make you look white when flash photography

    is used. Look out for titanium dioxide in the ingredi-

    ents even if the bottle doesnt have an SPF on it.

    MAC Face & Body foundation (25.00) is great for

    events where flash photography will be used.

    Hopefully these tip