The art and science of success successful entrepreneur offers proven way to earn a six figure income

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  • The Art and Science of Success - Successful Entrepreneur Offers Proven Way to Earn a Six

    Figure Income

    With many individuals turning to the web to make money during the current economic recession,

    Professor Bob Boyd is working to show others the art and science of success with information on

    the best franchise opportunities. Already a successful entrepreneur himself, Boyd is offering

    information on a proven way to earn a six figure income. In fact, not only is he offering a proven

    system, but he also provides an experienced team to help anyone learn to make a great income

    working only part time. He offers information on the best business franchise, how to use it, and

    how to effortlessly grow the business.

    Boyd believes that the travel industry offers the best franchise opportunities, especially with the

    explosion of this industry as baby boomers begin to retire and travel. Even during a recession,

    the travel industry is still bringing in $8 trillion and it is predicted to grow even more in the next

    few years. With this explosive growth, it provides individuals with a unique position, allowing

    them to cash in on the industry by offering high end, genuine travel products to a market that is

    looking for affordable ways to travel. Not only does this proven system offer travel products, but

    it also offers business owners the ability to sell the business opportunity as well, getting others

    involved in the business.

    The system being offered by Boyd offers individuals with the ability to travel in style while

    selling travel products to their customers as well. Also, the system offers low prices that make

    travel possible for anyone. Affordable prices are offered for beach villas, 5-star resorts, private

    executive homes, 5-star hotels, and more. This allows new business owners to enjoy the low cost

    travel they've dreamed of while building up a successful business that can bring in thousands of

    dollars a year. The combination of affordable luxury travel and an exceptional money making

    opportunity make this one of the best franchise opportunities available today.

    One of the reasons that this innovative travel business opportunity is one of the best business

    franchise options out there is because it is offered by an Inc. 500 Company. The company has an

    A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and also is rated at the top of the travel industry,

    showing off the quality of the company behind this money making opportunity.

    The system works by allowing individuals to sign up for the travel program themselves, which

    gives them the benefit of enjoying travel opportunities at great prices. Once they join, then they

    have the option to get into the business opportunity if they choose. Individuals are considered

    associates with the company when they purchase one of four membership levels with the

    company. Then, they can refer others to the company and the company pays for those referrals.

    When three referrals are made, the manager level is reached, allowing a return of 50% bonuses

    when new referrals are made. Money can even be made on team sales at this point, with the

    potential to add up to a six figure income. The opportunity allows entrepreneurs to travel, make

    money, and help others to make money too.

    Professor Bob Boyd believes that this travel opportunity is one of the best franchise opportunities

    out there today. Backing up that idea, Boyd has an array of educational credits and leadership

    roles that have provided him with the expertise to arrive at this conclusion. He holds an

  • Associate Arts Degree in Accounting, a Bachelors Degree in Management, a Master's Degree in

    Public Administration, and also has been involved in Business Administration Doctorate Degree

    studies. Just a few of his credentials include Emeritus Profession of Business and Management,

    Problem Solver, Entrepreneur, and Founder and CEO of Successful Marketing Solutions, LLC to

    name a few.

    When asked about his goals, Boyd said, "My goal is to leave a legacy that inspires people from

    all walks of life to believe that nothing is impossible if you never give up. My immediate goal is

    to start a foundation to provide scholarships for disadvantaged students in urban communities,

    and in addition, to provide a support ministry for veterans and to establish a board of directors

    for the United States Volunteers Joint Services Command."

    To learn more about the business franchise opportunity offered by Boyd that offers six figure

    income potential, visit for more information.

    Professor Bob Boyd

    Call Center:

    866-220-9389 x1 (ID #1181)