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The territory digital mediator (TDM or Animateur numrique de territoire in french) is a training for tourist offices employees. The program want help all the localtourism stakeholders to be more efficient on the web. After the traing of 70 hours, a TDM can organize some worshops, and support etourism projects. The program "TDM" is born in Aquitaine region, and it's now a national program. I had this speech on december 2013 10th for the european project Ecoop in Bordeaux.


  • 1. Anima&on Numrique de Territoire Territory Digital Mediator
  • 2. JEAN-LUC BOULIN Director MOPA : Mission des Oces de Tourisme et Pays Touris@ques dAquitaine Board Member Oces de Tourisme de France and chairman for Prospec@ve CommiIee Editor Blog Etourisme.info
  • 3. 5 MISSIONS SUPPORT Professionaliza@on of localtourism stakeholders Tourist organiza@on of territories Development of eTourism Local Gastronomy development Support of quality ini@a@ves
  • 4. Regional network 185 Oces de tourisme 25 Pays touris&ques 700 Employees
  • 5. Why TDM? (territory digital mediator) Web is evolving fast, very fast Diculty for tourism professionals to adapt Risk of digital divide
  • 6. Why TDM? (territory digital mediator) 2009 : report about online marke&ng in Aquitaine 60% of accommoda&ons are not sold online Problem of compe&&vity
  • 7. TDM, an idea, a new func&on Support local le pour loce de tourisme Un nouveau rtourism stakeholders to be more ecient on the web New role for DMO (des&na&on management organisa&on) = support tourism business
  • 8. How growed TDM The program is managed by Oces de Tourisme de France The program is developped in several coun&es First class in Aquitaine Dbut 2010 Juillet 2010 Dbut 2011
  • 9. TDM : training program A piece of web Tools, cura&on A large part of anima&on Know your network, communicate, facilitate Methodological tools Diagnosis, ac&on plan, evalua&on
  • 10. TDM Class
  • 11. TDM, the na&onal network More than 800 trainees or training 21 regions involved A powerfull network
  • 12. What are doing TDM? Worshop for Un nouveau rle pour tourism local loce de tourisme stakeholders Support for etourism projects
  • 13. What are doing TDM? Un nouveau rle pour loce de tourisme
  • 14. And, now, media&on for visitors and habitants
  • 15. Digital in TIC
  • 16. From DMO managers I didnt realise the necessity of media&on
  • 17. From DMO managers The QR Codes and the app
  • 18. Projects for TDM Les bulles numriques Digital Moments Special shorts trainings for tourists, visitors and habitants Two hours to discover how spend beIer holidays with my tablet and/or my smartphone
  • 19. Thank you @JeanLucBoulin Ecoop SV Gironde Dec 2013