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Presented at the Technical Communications UK conference in 2011, talking about how the lessons of successful social media in music can be passed across to a technical environment.


  • 1. How can Social Media work for you?Lee MullinAutodesk and Crystal Ship Recorders

2. Who Am I? 2 alter-egos Autodesk Support Navisworks Record Label Boss Crystal Ship Recorders Promoter DJ 3. How I use Social Media 2 Facebook Accounts 8 Pages 4 Twitter Accounts 6 Youtube Channels 4 Myspace Accounts 1 LinkedIn Account 4. Social Media Stats Facebook - 640,000,000+ users Worldwide Twitter - 175,000,000+ users Worldwide LinkedIn - 100,000,000+ users Worldwide Google+ - 25,000,000+ users Worldwide Youtube 3 billion views per day 5. Who do you want to reach New customers or existing ones? Why would they want to hear from you Why cant they get this info elsewhere 6. Who does Social Media well? 7. Lady Gaga EffectStats Facebook43,000,000 likes Twitter13,000,000 followers Career Album Sales13,000,000+ 8. What does Lady Gaga do? Provides exciting content Music videos Surprising Pictures Creates Debate Saying Controversial Things Doing Crazy Things 9. Pixies EffectStats Facebook830,000 likes Twitter40,000 followers Career Album Sales2,000,000+ 10. What do The Pixies do? Provides exciting content Reusing older content Videos Music Creates debate Shares links to surveys, polls 11. Autodesk EffectStats Facebook800,000 likes Twitter40,000 followers Career Album Sales2,000,000+ 12. What does Autodesk do? Provides exciting content Video Tutorials Blog Posts Creates debate Asks questions Link back to forums 13. How can you get the Gaga effect 14. Help files in a meat dress? 15. Say something crazy?This is NOT real 16. What should you do? Post lots of content, old and new Dont be afraid of reposting Create conversations Respond to conversations Allow organic growth Be involved 17. Length of a link Twitter a couple of hours Facebook up to half a day LinkedIn Up to a couple of weeks Youtube from a few hours to weeks Google+ - A couple of days Yammer etc depends on the groupAll dependent on the quality of content 18. What should you NOT do 19. Dont do it alone Unless youre Google or Apple, who is going tofollow multiple accounts for your brand? Combine messages Unify your goals, repurpose content 20. Quality not quantity 21. Dont post on the wrong account 22. If you represent your brandBe a brand ambassador 23. Once its out, you cant take itdown Spelling mistakes, language, bad tastejokes are all out in the public 24. Consider your tone carefully 25. Be honest about who you are 26. Everyones an expertDont pay an expertPlenty on the internetPart of an overall marketing plan 27. Handy Tools Klout Hootsuite Tweetdeck MultiMi Plenty more available, check reviews 28. Stay aware of updates Theres constant changes Take advantage of new features 29. Internet Evolution Web 1.0 Building Blocks Web 2.0 Everyone joins in Web 3.0 The Next Step 30. Web 1.0 Static Content 1 way content Take it or leave it 31. Web 2.0 Interactive communication Forums Social media 32. Web 3.0 Artificial Intelligence Personalisation If youre already behind now... 33. 14/09/11 34. Q&A14/09/11