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  • 1. Task 4 My Photos

2. AbstractThis picture isperfect for anabstract as itcan trick themind thinkingthe picture isnormal howeverwe are reallylying on thefloor.This bench is interesting as itbends and shows that nothinghas to be normalThis photo iscool showingthe ballsplash in thewater. 3. ArchitecturalI like this picture as it shows adark path into the distancethrough a school corridorThis globeis cool as itis allwindedround itselfand is acirculardesignIn this picture itshows direction andit is a sign which candirect youthroughout theschool, it shows thewhole school in aphoto. 4. PortraitI chose theseportraits as they allshow a lack ofexcitement but foran unknown reasonof which anythingcould be the actualreason. These to pictures areclose ups which showemotion andmeaning. The bottompicture shows theperson smilingslightly at the cameracausing you to feelthat somethingswrong 5. MacroI like thispicture as itshows vibrantcolours andbeauty fromsuch a simplething.This picture capturesthe natural cycle of thelife of a wasp as it iscollecting the pollenfrom a flower. It cansee the whole wasp indetail and can let yousee the wasp up close.This photo isamazing showinghow colourful acaterpillar is andhow interesting it isfrom close up.