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  • Table of ContentsMeasuring MatterPhysical and Chemical Properties of MatterPhysical and Chemical ChangesProperties and Changes of Matter

  • Measuring MatterMeasuring WeightUse the weight of the first scale to estimate the weight of the fish on the other scales.

  • Measuring MassWhat is the mass of each object, measured in kilograms?Measuring Matter

  • Calculating VolumeWhat is the volume of the suitcase?Measuring Matter

  • Measuring Irregular ObjectsOne way to measure the volume of an irregular object is to submerge it in liquid in a graduated cylinder.Measuring Matter

  • DensityLiquids can form layers based on density. Which colored layer of liquid represents Water: 1.g/ml, Honey: 1.36 g/ml, Dish Soap: 1.03 g/ml, Corn Syrup: 1.33 g/ml, Vegetable oil: 0.91 g/ml?Measuring Matter

  • Identify the physical property that is in use in this image of a bicycle spring. Why is it important that the material around wire be made of a substance other than a metal? Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter

  • Physical and Chemical Properties of MatterYellowed, torn mapField notes: The paper ofthis ancient map has survivedover time, including a fire,which seems to have burnedits edges. IJMetal pot Field notes:Ive come across someancient iron pots. They look like theyve changed from so many years of being exposed to the air. IJIndiana Jane and the Investigation of MatterIndiana Jane is hunting for lost treasures of matter.

  • Examples of Chemical ChangePhysical and Chemical Changes

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