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F E S T I V A L H I G H L I G H T S L I V E F R O M#OGILVYSXSWJames WhatleyPlanning Partner - Innovation@whatleydudeLaurie CloseGlobal Brand Partnerships@laurieec1#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWTELL US WHERE YOURE DIALLING IN FROM#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWTODAYS PRESENTATIONWTF IS SXSW? (SUPER QUICK)TRENDS AND THEMES (THE MEAT)MAIN TAKE-OUTS (IT AINT JUST BBQS & BEER)THE WEIRD, THE WOW AND THE FUN (STAY FOR THIS)#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWOK SO WAIT, WTF IS SXSW?#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSW9-daysMore than 70,000 attendeesOver 3,000 speakersAdditional 2,500 performersFilm, Interactive, MusicAnd all that can be quite overwhelming, and sometimes you might not even know what youre queueing up for#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWActual screenshot from the #OgilvySXSW WhatsApp groupSTUFF TO SEE#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWVery well organised calendar#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWSO WHAT ARE THE TRENDS?#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWOne of my major key take outs was that our Key Digital Trends deck, published in December, was reflected perfectly at SXSW. WHAT ARE THE TRENDS?Chatbot overloadVR + 360 video is everywhere The connected home is finally a thingThe ethics of interaction designThe implications of living a Video First World#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWCHATBOT OVERLOAD1#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWCHATBOT OVERLOAD120+ different talks on ChatbotsTechnology DevelopmentThe Science of ConversationConversation CommerceBots as Humans#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSW OVERLOAD1What are Bots good for? Helping SXSW attendees?Replacing Apps?Doing a Google search?Helping people stop smoking? Helping Refugees? And what about accountability? #OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWImages + Talking pointsAbbyTrend on app replacementCharlie the chatbotStoptoberDo Not Pay is not helping Refugees - + 360 VIDEO2#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSW2Every other stand had a VR experience360 video is most easily accessibleCreative trends are barely startingLanguage definitionWhats next? VR + 360 VIDEOEVERYWHERE#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWVR + 360 VIDEO1Sparks to noodle on: 360 video is HARD. You need to invest in experts.What are the A/V story-telling cues?Dont forget to re-train your audiencePro Tip: edit in a headset #OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWCampaign piece re: Channel 4 360 adsVR + 360 VIDEO1If youre counting eyeballs, you should turnaround, leave the session. VR today is about depth not reach. Come back in 10yrs.- Ola Bjorling, 360 video director#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSW360 video is HARD. You need experts. Stories for Good. CONNECTED HOME3#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSW3AI in the HomeHouse as ProductInterconnected DevicesSecurity ProblemsConnected ClothesCONNECTED HOME#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWCONNECTED HOME1Sony Xperia Touch turns any surface into a touchscreen. #OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWImages + Talking pointsCONNECTED HOME1Kasita is a build-to-spec portable PRODUCT home. #OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWImages + Talking pointsCONNECTED HOME1Thinking points:Why dont our devices have one interface?Who will win the voice battle? What about ads via your home AI? #OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWThe Kasita we showed you had one device that came with the house unit that did all. Why isnt this an app? Why isnt this a bot? Google are announcing their UK offering on March 28. Alexa now has over 10,000 different skills. But also, on the best interface is situational.What about advertising? OK Google, turn the lights on?Sure, let me just play this ad firstTHE ETHICS OF4#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWTHE ETHICS OF4Interaction DesignAlgorithmsCodingYour WorkforceChatbots & AI#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWTHE ETHICS OF1More than ever before, SXSW conferences had a huge focus on and around ethical wellness. Bots that helpThe ethics of interaction designThe ethics of your workforce #HumaneTechBursting Filter Bubbles #AltMiddle#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWImages + Talking points - James use your Anil Dash notes, VIDEO FIRST WORLD5#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSW5Consumption is changingRediscovering Long-FormBudget v DemandSnapchat + FacebookVIDEO FIRST WORLD#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSW1. Vox / NYT / ViceVIDEO FIRST WORLD1Thinking points:Demand has literally doubled (and continues to do so, YoY. Budgets have not moved - something has to give. Content as lumber (or timber)The Power of LIVEFacebook: in or out? Snapchat is continually making in-roads with publishers #OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWImages + Talking pointsKEY TAKEOUTSCHATBOT OVERLOADTHE CHATBOT REVOLUTION IS HERE AND IT IS HAPPENINGAND THE GOOD NEWS IS: OGILVY ARE ALL OVER ITNOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE AN IMPACT AND DEFINE THE CATEGORYTRY AND SOLVE AN ACTUAL PROBLEMDATA, DATA, DATA#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWKEY TAKEOUTSVR + 360 VIDEO FIRST THING FIRST: THEYRE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!CONSUMERS ARE CATCHING ONTO THE LATTERTHE FORMER IS STILL SUPER NASCENT / INDIVIDUALRETRAIN YOUR THINKING BUT ALSO RETRAIN YOUR VIEWERROSE TROCHE AND IMRAAN ISMAIL ARE LEADERS IN THE SPACE#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWKEY TAKEOUTSCONNECTED HOMEDO NOT BUILD FOR TODAY - BUILD FOR 5YRS FROM NOWHOME AS PRODUCTSECURITYTHINK ABOUT ADVERTISING (AFTER THE SALE)THE TECH IS CATCHING UP - QUICKLY#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWKEY TAKEOUTSETHICSCONNECTED DEVICES: CAN YOU TRUST THEM? DEVELOPERS HAVE BIAS. WHO ARE YOUR AUDIENCE? DO YOU/YOUR PRODUCT/BRAND / YOUR ADVERTISING REFLECT SOCIETY? #ALTMIDDLE / #GETOUTTHERERESPONSIBLE CONTENTUSE YOUR POWER FOR GOOD#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWKEY TAKEOUTSTHE IMPACT OF A VIDEO FIRST WORLDVOX, VICE, NYT: EXPERIMENT WITH NEW PLATFORMSPRODUCTION BUDGETS DONT MOVE, SO HOW CAN YOU? LIVE IS HAPPENING - BUT ACROSS MULTIPLE CHANNELSINVEST IN UP-SKILLING (CREATIVE + PRODUCTION)USE. EVERYTHING. #OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWLETS GET WEIRD#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSW1#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWJapanese Sony section robots. lifelikeWOW, WOOOW.#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWGARETH EDWARDS#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWWhen Gareth was very young, his parents made him watch this revolutionary film you might of heard of: Star Wars. He was instantly driven to become a film maker, but had the issue of How do you become a film maker. He started studying, and soon after, Jurassic Park came out. It was clear this was the future of film. So he taught himself visual effects, creating dinosaurs on Windows 95. Fortunately Windows has moved on since then. Throughout his career he quit the BBC a few times, and did a series of freelance jobs. And then he turned 30. This was past his personal deadline to become a film maker. So he dropped everything and went to Hollywood. Long story short, Gareth Edwards has now directed and created films including Monsters, Godzilla and most recently Star Wars: Rogue One. LANDING ON MARS#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWBacked by extensive research and the expertise of NASA and MIT research, Mars 2030 is a VR experience that provides an accurate, realistic rendition of life as one of the first astronauts to arrive on Mars. Cool..GAME OF THRONES, BECAUSE#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWTalked about grime for 5 minutes during their talk, Maisy and Sophie love grime. Shout out to Stormzy. Anyone excited for Season 7?They also confirmed there will be a Season 8!RAG N BONE MAN#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWAt the 2017 Brit Awards he was named British Breakthrough Act and also received the Critics' Choice Award.FUN STUFF!#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSW#OGILVYSXSWASK US A QUESTION#OGILVYSXSWWHERE CAN YOU GET THIS DECK?Ogilvy Employee? themarket.ogilvy.comClients and general public? YOU!#OGILVYSXSW