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PowerPoint Presentation#SXSW Interactive 2015Session HighlightsAustin TexasMarch 13-17th@garymonkSome images and highlights from SXSW interactive 2015 in Austin Texas, with personal commentary and opinionIntroductionNote: links to event in bottom right corner of slidesOpinions are mineMy interpretations of the speakers messages may differ from their intended ones!2The Innovator's DNA: The Five Innovation SkillsAnyone can innovate only 1/3 of an innovators skills are genetic95% of your ideas will suck bring in outside thinkingFuture communications will be sensitive to our moodTeachers ask questions, students answer. We are not taught to ask the right questionsInnovation now comes from teams not individualsNovelty is rarely innovationProcess and metrics are good wordsEvent link:Hal GregersenThe 5 skills Associational thinkingQuestioningObservingNetworkingExperimentingThe Innovator's DNA: The Five Innovation Skills Stone on Creativity and Redefining SuccessWhatever you do, you need to have 100% emotional investment and you will have indefatigable driveMindfulness is key to creativityThe future of marketing is philanthropy people are attracted to meaningIf you want to be able to succeed spectacularly you need to be able to fail spectacularlyEvent link:Biz StoneBiz Stone on Creativity and Redefining Success the Brain: What's Next for Neuro-Health?Fascinating discussion of the use of sensors to measure cognition and deterioration (e.g. Alzheimers)Example of a disabled patient controlling a plane (flight simulator) intuitively using thought, unencumbered by motor functionIn the future robots wont be autonomous we will control them directly with sensors in our brainsEvent link:Geoffrey Ling (DARPA)Hacking the Brain: What's Next for Neuro-Health Is Big Pharma Interacting with Tech Startups?A session for start ups on how to approach and navigate the maze of Big PharmaFinding the decision makers is tough and IF you get a deal expect to put some skin in the gamePartner with trusted agencies to understand pharma and approach themMegan Lopresto claimed Boehringer is more innovative being privately owned and not answering to shareholdersEvent link:How Is Big Pharma Interacting with Tech Startups? Healthcare Beyond Medical DevicesSensors in, on or around our bodies will evolve into passive, silent monitors to active treaters of diseaseThe price of privacy - Jon Werner (Adidas) talked how the need for encryption causes latency and reduced service levelsThe power of big data combined with sensors - predictive analytics and sensors will offer an alert before an elderly person falls. Event link: Editing of Wikipedia: Getting Past "GotchaBig companies struggle with Wikipedias lack of hierarchy and speed to implement changes There is no deadline!Self editing of pages of conflicted pages is a no-no unless repairing vandalism or working in some non english speaking country pagesSome useful resources hereEvent link:Paid Editing of Wikipedia: Getting Past "Gotcha A Digital Engagement Strategy for LeadersAuthentic leadership example of Telstra CEO David Thodey jumping into customer service tweetsThodey also asked his staff spontaneously, to give examples of time wasting processes, promising they would be removed or explainedSocial media leadership is not about trying to be perfect, rather accepting failure and learningEssentially around a culture of sharing and relationshipsEvent link:Charlene Li(Altimeter)Creating A Digital Engagement Strategy for Leaders vs Agitators: the Social InfluenceIn social media you need to be available 24/7, obvious? Not to some banks who take 2 days to respondSouthwestern airlines cite great relationship between customer advocacy and legal teams to improve service via social mediaDont give the persistent detractors the oxygen of a response that is what they wantSocial is ready to grow up in business connecting with customers and delivering more revenueEvent link:Advocates vs Agitators: the Social Influence to the Fifth ScreenIs the 5th screen on a table, as watch or is it really a screen at all?It is not numbers of screens but ensuring the current ones are integratedUsing augmented reality to get content on any screen and make anything a screenEvent link:Race to the Fifth Screen UX and the Internet of ThingsThe phone is the first internet of things object for everyoneInteractivity between screens and seamlessly moving objects around. Nice video exampleIts not about screens but about ubiquitous computingAutomation can have its dark sideHow smart does your bed have to be before you are afraid to sleep in itThe problem with google glass it was a technology project. The computer should be as invisible as possibleEvent link:Josh Clark(Global Moxie)Magical UX and the Internet of Things or Die: The Traditional Agency RevolutionWill social and digital job titles exist in 2 years? Should they?Digital is a great opportunity to create stuff (that actually matters)A risk tolerance towards failure is requiredMove away from the full service do-it-all agency to a range of partnersForm strong media relationships and partnerships with Google, Facebook, You Tube etcOh and make sure your culture is funEvent link:Evolve or Die: The Traditional Agency Revolution youtwitter: @garymonklinked in: