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    T he only technical magazine that specializes in SMT and

    PCB, it delivers the latest information on market trends

    and core technology.

    2015 CONTENTS Ultra-thin and compact technology, market analysis

    There are increasing the demand of small board assembly in the field of electronic. We introduce

    to focus the case studies and field experts for the latest technologies to relate components and

    miniaturized board.

    Reporting for high-density technology

    The major issue of surface technology is inspection techniques and PCB cleaning development for

    reducing cost and high-density , highly integrated electronic devices to maximize efficiency. In this way, we

    can delivering to report to the interest of the industry quickly.

    Spotlight on Eco-friendly products and companies

    There are the movement of fast development about Low-carbon products and product development

    lead-free and halogen-free for eco-friendly products in the industry. In this way, we provide the information

    of new products and their movement through interview and gathered information.



    Month Special Issue Exhibition

    Jan The trend of inspector, mount, screen printer industry Outlook of SMT / PCB industry in 2015

    Feb Review Nepcon Japan 2015 Review Nepcon Japan 2015

    Mar Solder paste, a low melting point solder The trend of Reflow, PSA, soldering Industry

    Apr AOI, AXI, SPI inspector market The trend of 2D / 3D AOI, SPI Checker industry

    May Review Nepcon Japan 2015 Review Nepcon Korea 2015

    Jun Review KPCA 2015 The trend of Mounter industry

    Jul Mounter equipment, high-speed mounter market The trend of screen printer industry

    Aug Ink-jet printing process and the latest printing technology The trend of material industry

    Sep Flexible, Wearable Display The trend of display market

    Oct Pick & Place, the case of Process Automation The trend of SMT between the automated process

    Nov 3D Image, reflow oven, multi packages The trend of Electronic packaging technology

    Dec Summary 2015 Summary for SMT/PCB industry in 2015

    Address : CHOMDAN Building, 127, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, KOREA

    TEL : +82-2-3142-4150 FAX : +82-2-333-5965


    ※ The above information contained in this editorial calendar is subject to change without notice.

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     Standing Order

    Cover eco-friendly SMT technology project We predict the present and the future of eco-friendly materials

    such as mounting technology, solder ·detergents·PCB that can

    reduce energy usage.

    Introduce technology that deals with the future We intensively analyze and introduce technologies regarding

    components, half height PCB technology to construct grand half

    height which is the big flows of the latest mobile devices and

    electric equipment and deliver technology trend that can resolve

    reliability problems related to half height and maximize safety.

    Local example and review with exports Based on local examples and exports researches, we introduce

    the latest effective technology that can reduce manufacturing cost.

    Various structure of reading markets in advance • Special: We select major item which are focused in business

    every month and provide related products’ industry and

    technology trend, introduction of related products and interviews

    with exports.

    • Technical report: With article alliance with 「SMT」 and 「Journal of

    Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging」 and contributions from

    exports, we rapidly deliver live local technologies in the nation

    and all over the world.

    • Intensive analysis: Through intensive analysis regarding focused

    technology in surface mounting, we suggest solutions for

    technical engineers with useful local technology to subscribers.

    • Series: From the foundation of process to mandatory technology

    in location, we provide.

    Address : CHOMDAN Building, 127, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, KOREA

    TEL : +82-2-3142-4151 FAX : +82-2-338-3453 E-mail : [email protected] Webhard ID : chomdan01 PW : 4151cd


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  • Main Equipment chip mounter, reflow, screen printer, vision inspection equip, Nitrogen a Generator

    Components & Materials solder cream, flux, underfill repair, bar solder/wire solder, metal mask, chip components

    Peripheral Devices conveyor system, rework system, cleansing device, repair equip, manual printer

    Router, drill machine, printer, probe system, etching, plating, lead-frame, UV curing machine

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