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  • Summer Assignment

    Course Title: IB Math Studies

    Teacher Name: Nevin Jaffer

    Teacher contact information: [email protected]

    Purpose of Assignment: The following summer assignment is designed to prepare you for the

    forthcoming IB Math Studies course. The IB Studies course is rigorous and fast paced and has a

    lot of content to cover before the exams in May 2017. This summer assignment contains content

    that has been covered in previous Algebra classes but must be mastered before entering IB Math


    Estimated time to complete the assignment: On an average it will take 5 hours to complete the


    Due date and Method of assessment: All completed problems should be turned in on the first

    Monday of school. It will be graded as a homework assignment.

    Instructions for Assignment:

    Part I: Read all sections in chapter 1, 2A-H, 3 and 4 of the textbook, (accessible) online. Complete the following problem sets below: (see the problem sets)

    Do ALL your work on a separate sheet of paper. Show ALL your work where possible, for full


    • Do review set 1A pg. 35, 36 # 1-12 all • Do review set 1B pg. 36 #1-12 all • Do review set 2A pg. 70 #1-11 all • Do review set 2B pg. 71 #1-11 all • Do review set 2C pg. 72 #1-11 all • Do review set 3A pg. 89-90 #1-10 all • Do review set 3B pg. 90 #1-10 all • Do review set 4A pg. 124 #1-13 all • Do review set 4B pg. 125 #1-13 all • Do review set 4C pg. 126 #1-13 all

    You will require the use of a TI-83 calculator to successfully complete the assignment.

  • PART II: IA (Internal Assessment Project) Readiness –Choosing a topic (see PACKET for

    topic ideas) and FORM A You should start thinking of a creative and serious idea for your Internal Assessment (IA)

    Project (refer to the materials attached for some ideas). This packet includes: IBO online sites for

    project ideas, Assessment Details and Materials to assist you in choosing a topic for your IA.

    Fill out the “Initial Planning” Form A document, which is on the last page of this handout.

    Turn in Form A (Part II) along with the above problems from Chapter 1, 2, 3 and 4. Part II

    of the assignment (FORM A), is worth 20 points and is also due the first day of school.

    About the IA The IA is a piece of written work which will be based on your personal research

    from a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to investigations, applications, statistical

    studies and surveys. This IA will be done during the course of the year. The project is an

    independent research and data gathering project for which you will collect, prepare, organize,

    analyze, and evaluate data. The project is an integral part of the course and will count as 20% of

    your final IB grade.

    During the summer however, you must come up with a project idea (topic) you wish to pursue.

    Refer to the packet to peruse through some ideas of IA topics. Write down your idea on Form A.

    Find a topic which interests you and which will be exciting to work with. Return the completed

    Form A on the first day with your homework.

    Thank you.

    Have a brilliant Summer! Looking forward to seeing you in September☺

    Mrs. Jaffer