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Authoring content that’s added to your website’s integrated blog can help further your marketing goals, support your organic search engine optimization results and set your business apart as an expert in your niche.


  • 1. introducing
  • 2. StrategicBloggingforBusinessPresentedatTheSouthCarolina Womens BusinessCenter
  • 3. WhyBlog? Developyourfirmsreputation Establishyourfirmsdifference Enhanceyourfirms placementinorganic searchengineresultspages(SERPS) Increasetraffictoyourwebsite TakeAwayTip:Youareaselfpublisher!
  • 4. Requirements Selfhostedblogonyourdomain Blogginggoals Reasonforblogging Drivestopics Frequencyforblogging Atleastonceperweek BloggingCalendar
  • 5. Business Goals Research Blog Posts
  • 6. Whatdoyouwriteabout? What yourWhat you customerscare about care about What you blog about
  • 7. Research Actlikeacustomer Whatresultsdoyougainwhenyouresearchmost oftenusedphrases?
  • 8. Research Competitors Keywords GoogleKeywordExternalTool SEOposition Alexa AnalyzefortheirPointofDifference TakeAwayTip:Knowyourcompetition.
  • 9. To find this, search for Google Keyword External Tool
  • 10. Keywordsuggestions Searching for keyword dessert.
  • 11. Add Alexa Extension to Toolbar or go to
  • 12. Research ConsumerTrends Searchthewebfornewsarticles,reports, analysis,surveysabouttopicsorservicesyour customerneeds Notewhatisimportanttoconsumersusingyour productsandservices TakeAwayTip:Itsallaboutthecustomer!
  • 13. PlanBlogCategoriesParent Desserts Child orCategory Secondary Categories Pies Cakes Ice Cream
  • 14. PlanTags MicroCategories Tags Blueberry Child Category Pies Apple Custard
  • 15. EditorialCalendarTopic Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat SunCakes Pound Chocolate LayerDesserts Family Desserts Elegant Style for Desserts Desserts Cookouts
  • 16. BlogPostBasics 300words Usesubheadstoleadreaderforward Usekeywordsinposts,subheads Linkkeywordstoyourwebsitesanchorcontent (yourprimarycontentonyourmajortopics) Illustratewithphotos,graphics,orimageswith correctaltandtitletags Usevideosifyouhavethem
  • 17. Whenyougetstuck Rundryofideas? Trythislistofgreatideasforbusinessblogging. bloggingideas.html
  • 18. PublicizeYourPosts
  • 19. Questions?
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