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<ul><li> 1. STONE AGE TECHNOLOGY</li></ul> <p> 2. Stone Age Time PeriodThe Stone Age began atthe beginning of whatwould become humancivilization. It goes onuntil the discovery ofsmelting. Smeltingallowed people tocreate tools made outof metal and stonetools became obsolete. 3. Stone Age ToolsMost tools in the StoneAge were created tohelp humans survive.These tools were usedfor hunting, agriculture,and food preparation.They were made out ofdifferent stones andthis is the reason thatthis time period isknown as the StoneAge. 4. FireFire is an example ofStone Age technology.It may seem primitivenow but 2 million yearsago it was necessaryfor survival. Fireallowed early humansto control theirenvironment. 5. The WheelThe wheel is anothergood example oftechnology from theStone Age. Earlyhumans used this tomove more quicklythrough the use ofchariots and otherwheeled vehicles. 6. The Wheel (Continued)The wheel begins toappear in around the 4thmillennium BC. It wasdiscovered in CentralEurope andMesopotamia at aroundthe same time. It is notclear which societydiscovered it first. 7. Flint knappingFlint knapping is atechnique that earlyhumans used to shapestones for the creationof tools. Stones such asflint, and other flakystones, can be shapedby chipping the flakesaway to create an edge. 8. AtlatlThe atlatl is a tool thatallowed humans tothrow spears fartherand faster. The animalshunted by early humanswere strong anddangerous. The atlatlhelped to give peoplean edge. 9. ClothingHumans in the stoneage had to use the peltsof animals for clothing.It was a difficult processto make skins suitableto be used as clothing.They had to be de-haired, washed, dried, and stretched beforethey were suitable foruse. 10. Bow and ArrowThe bow and arrow wasa very useful tool duringthe stone age. Itallowed humans to killtheir food from longerranges, helping to keepthem safe. Thisdiscovery made huntingmuch easier and safer. 11. BoatEarly humans alsocreated primitive boatsthat allowed them tohunt. These boats werenot useful for long-distance travelhowever. Evidence ofthese boats is generallyfound up north in colderenvironments. 12. PotteryPottery was a laterinvention in theNeolithic era. Potteryallowed prehistorichumans to store foodfor longer periods. Thisallowed them to settledown and lay theground work forcivilization. 13. Civilization as a WholeStone Age humans laidthe foundation for all ofcivilization. Without ourprehistoric ancestorswe would not havecivilization as we knowit. History is just acontinuation of thediscoveries thathumans made in theStone Age. </p>