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<ul><li> 1. New Stone Age People grow their own food People were no longer nomads Still needed stone tools</li></ul> <p> 2. Farming Farming began 11,000 years ago in SouthwestAsia Women were farmers and men were hunters Farming is more difficult than hunting andgathering but it provided a steady supply offood year round Allowed people to settle into places 3. Farming Needed fertile soil,water, and sunlight Fertile soil containedsubstances that plantsneed to grow Irrigation diggingditches/canals to movewater from river tocrops Surplus more thanthey need/extra(stored for winter) 4. Results of Farming Population growth More food = bigger families Civilizations Trade Traded crops for other needs 3500 BC Wheel and Axle invented 5. Civilization Lived in groups villages towns Started out as farming settlements Development of trade caused need forgovernment and laws More organized societies developed 6. Civilization First civilizations developed around 4 greatriver valleys Water and fertile soil Cities Larger than farming settlement Had large public buildings Store surplus food Worship gods Marketplace Variety of jobs 7. Australian Aboriginal Dot Art Paintings created by the Australian Aborigines Elder clan members would share tribalknowledge with younger clan members throughthe process of painting The various symbols were interpreted andexplained as lessons in the clans history, itscreation story, and the location of sacred sites</p>