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the voice

LIFESTYLE 5by Ingrid Pierre 12 and Alisha Ramos 12 photographed Emily Xie 12 and Colin Teo 12

How to dress like a

ew individuals can defy categorization, and though we might think of ourselves as informed, open-minded people its only natural to compartmentalize the world we live in. The stereotype then, for better or for worse, is just one way to make this big, scary environment more manageable. Here we present you with a handy little guide to some our very favorites: the lamonster, the humanities hipster, the bro, the athlete and the WASP. While a few arent unique to this school wed certainly like to embrace them here as our own. Admittedly, no single person neatly fits into any of these categories. Still, were sure youll know a few, and heck, you might even see yourself on these pages! Even more than a glimpse at the apparel of these archetypal Harvardians, we hope to shine a humorous, well-intentioned light on the lives of the people underneath.

stereotype Fthe lamonsterAlso known as the CabotRabbit (depending on the library haunt of choice) this stereotype is one of Harvards most beloved and reclusive. Comfy from head to toe, the Lamonster is about function not fashion. EVER-EXPANDABLE BACKPACKPlenty of zippers and hidden pockets to make the exit bag-check and turning corners a nuisance.


SANDALS/ SLIDESLaces are impractical for library life. Socks, on the other hand (or foot), are essential.

VENDING MACHINE FUELSugar, Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy, Caffeine, Taurine, Guarana, B Vitamins: the main nutritional groups.

SNUGGIEThe Blanket That Has Sleeves! For when you requi warmth but also the freedom to work on your p-set.

SWEATSHIRTProviding warmth, a front pocket for your TI-89, and sleeves to wipe the drool from your face after falling asleep in the binding of your coursepack.

Blah blah. FML


6 LIFESTYLEVINTAGE AMERICAN APPAREL FRAMESGlasses make everyone look smarter for that ironic, professorial look.

the voice

the humanities hipsterDrowning in fabric, this hipster style covers you from head to toe in aloof, ironic chic. Todays generation of brooding poets (or art historians, or social scientists) forgo the somber black and opt instead for an exterior la Josephs Technicolor Dreamcoat. FOREVER21 SCARFBright or patterned, a good scarf distracts your classmates whilst protecting your neck from the ones whod like to strangle you in section.

EXTRA CREDITthe humanities hipsterfavorite brands: American Apparel Anthropologie Urban Outfitters Forever21 Free People Ten Thousand Villages Apple see also: hole-in-the wall thrift, bargain, consignment, secondhand, vintage shops

FAIRLY TRADED/ORGANIC/ RECYCLED TOTE BAGA must-have green way to hold your cloves and Daddys AmEx.

PABST BLUE RIBBONYou cant drink herbal tea at parties and wouldnt be caught dead with a Corona.

ANTHROPOLOGIE CARDIGANIts all about the layers to achieve that eccentric bag-lady look.

MINNETONKA MOCASSINSCultural appropriation is bad, except when it looks this cute!

THRIFTED DRESSAt just 50 cents, it was such a steal. You love clothes with a history... and in this case, a certain indescribable musk.

the bro

BASEBALL CAPAlways backwards, never trucker. Thats not a Harvard bro, thats a different beast altogether.

This unassuming, all-American boy style makes a man look approachable and familiar so as to better lure young women at sketchy dorm parties. Take any old outfit, add a backwards cap, a cheesy pickup line, and you are good to bro!

LEVIS 501The originals (and still somehow totally unoriginal). Also try khaki shorts to complete your every-man look.

PASTEL LACOSTE POLOSShort enough to preview the gun show and no more useful than a regular tee shirt, but about six times the price! Elite.

AQCUA DI GIO COLOGNEIts like Axe Bodyspray for the college-aged. Classic bro.


the voice

LIFESTYLE 7We give this one a 2.5 out 4... GPA that is! Just kidding, the simple, rugged, and sensible style of the Harvard athlete is admirableintimidating even (please dont hurt us).

the athlete

NORTHFACE BOREALIS BACKPACKRuggedized for hiking Cambridge streets, it also has room for both your SIGG and Mountain Blast Powerade bottles.

DHA TUXEDOHeather gray is universally flattering. And full-body sweats are appropriate for class, gym, and sleep alike!

MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR MONKEY WOMAN FLEECE JACKETMade of soft Monkey Phur this jacket will keep anyone warm. Not you of course, youre so tough you dont even need it.

BROOKS BROTHERS THREE-BUTTON BLAZERSharp as a tack. If you have a spare $528 + tax, and a personal tailor, that is.

EXTRA CREDITthe w.a.s.p.

SEERSUCKER TROUSERSNot pants. These are trousers. No WASP wears navy wool in warm weather.

favorite brands: J.Press Brooks Brothers Andover Shop Vineyard Vines Lacoste Polo

J.PRESS PINK OXFORDSoft pink isnt gay, and besides a J.Press oxford is so traditional its practically homophobic.

SPERRY TOPSIDERS BOAT SHOESSomething Grandpa would wear, and why not? They were bought with his money afterall.

the w.a.s.p.

Blah blah. FML

Dont be fooled by the name, this classic look isnt just reserved for Whites, Anglo-Saxons, or Protestants! When dressing, picture Farnsworth Bentley back when he was still holding umbrellas for P-Diddy, or consult a suitable final club member.

VINEYARD VINES HARVARD UNIVERSITY TIECosts about as much the athletes entire outfit, but look at that precious ivy print!