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Media stereotypes. What are the differences between the two photos?. What are the differences between the two photos?. Is this a true representation?. Spot the difference. Watch the S impsons what gender stereotypes can you see? Write them down. Definition. Stereotypes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Media stereotypes

Media stereotypesWhat are the differences between the two photos?

Why might we find one more attractive than the other? How do we know what we like and what we dont like?2What are the differences between the two photos?

Is this a true representation?

Spot the difference

Watch the Simpsonswhat gender stereotypes can you see? Write them down


StereotypesStereotypes are formed as one way of making sense of the world.

StereotypesA small piece of information is used as the basis for judgment and categorizing in order to control or understand our environment.

StereotypesWhile there are times when this is useful, it can also be harmful and limiting.

List stereotypes that apply to young people(Students to make a list in small groups or class brainstorm) ExampleBoys play with gunsGirls should be pretty and feminine

Discussion QuestionsUse the following questions to deconstruct these stereotypes:

Is this true?Do some young people fit the description?Do all young people fit the description?Who benefits from stereotypes?Discussion: Think of some examples.

Stereotype sentence stems Explore the stereotypes around various groups. (graffiti sheets, post it notes, google docs) Once completed place stereotype stem task for each student to complete. (wiki space uploaded document)Stereotype sentence stemsBecause I am a female/male I am expected to.If I were male/female I would be expected to If I were a queer boy I wouldIf I were in a long term relationship I would.As an adolescent I am expected to.As a student people think that I am.If I were disabled, people would think that IGroup ActivityIn your group discuss what is the effect of these stereotypes on the people who use them and the people who are subjected to them. Deconstruct the stereotypes using the same questions as in slide 12.Summarise by exploring the facts around some of the expectations and assumptions that underpin these statements.(Discussion and be via wiki or moodle)