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STATE OF THE PLANNING COUNCIL September 19, 2014 Retreat Slide 2 Member Perspectives: What Motivated You to Join the Council? Slide 3 What did you know about the Council before joining? Slide 4 What surprised you about the Council? Slide 5 What areas are important work for the Council over the next 2 years? Slide 6 Who We Are: ECEPC In County Structure Alameda County Governed by Board of Supervisors (elected by citizens) County Administrator: Susan Muranishi GSA (Dept Head: Aki Nakao) 11 Other Departments Sustainability Planning Council Members Planning Council Staff Greening Preschools 20 Other Agencies / Departments Slide 7 Who We Are: ECEPC Structure Alameda County Board of Supervisors General Services Agency County ECE Coordination Alameda County Superintendent of Schools Executive Committee State Contractor Early Care and Education Public Policy Early Care and Education Program Angie.8 FTE Ellen 1 FTE Neva 1 FTE Mike 1 FTE Sara.4 FTE Kim.5 FTE, Natalie Appoints half of Council members ECE Planning Council 35 members 2 Ex officio Feasibility Studies Cross Systems Work County Child Care Centers QRIS CARES Plus AB 212 Children and Disasters Greening Preschools B8 Staffing Slide 8 Staff Role: Driven By Government Mandates and Public & Private Funding County Work Child Care Centers (2) County projects War on Poverty Monthly meetings w/GSA managers Disaster Planning -- Children and ECE functions Child care integration in community development and land use planning documents Others upon request by Board of Supervisors, COE, GSA, or other county departments (E.G. SSA) Slide 9 Staff Role County Work Fee Generating Work Staff B8 Initiative for ICPC Reorganize way County health and human services planned forresults focused. Catalyst to improve childrens 3 rd grade success and reduce health and education disparities. Slide 10 Staff Role: County Greening Preschools Results: 2013-2014 DeliverableGoalResult as of August 1, 2014 # preschools improve recycling and waste reduction 1514 # Alameda County preschool teachers improve their knowledge of recycling and waste reduction best practices and applicable laws affecting their programs 125203 # preschool teachers receive on-site, in depth RRRR technical assistance 6085 # tons of waste diverted from landfill 100110 Slide 11 Staff Role: County Greening Preschools Cumulative Impact 2012-2014 Over 500 teachers received in-depth 4Rs training 36 preschools added or improved recycling and compost services (plus 29 Kidango centers committed) 1,400 children know how to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot before starting Kindergarten 281 tons of waste diverted from the landfill Keeping waste out of the landfill means keeping Carbon out of the atmosphere, the amount of CO2 weve avoided is equivalent to the Carbon kept out of the atmosphere by 645 acres of US forests in a year (thats more than 4 forests the size of Lake Merritt!) Slide 12 Slide 13 Staff Role California Department of Education work (mandated by Legislature) Planning Council Activities Recruit specified members Staff meetings and activities, including four committees Conduct yearly zip code needs assessment Monitor local, state, and federal legislation Conduct Voluntary Temporary Transfer process Serve on relevant committees (ICPC, OEC, ACECPC, Oakland Reads) Facilitate policy & funding partnership development (eg: EHS/Title 5) Slide 14 Staff Role: State Mandated AB212 Professional Development Program Administer the AB212 Professional Development Contract for 700+ participants Align AB212 Training Priorities with QRIS Core Components Plan, organize and implement first annual AB212 Participant Conference 2014-15: organize unit bearing courses and stipend program for TK teachers Slide 15 Staff Role: Collaboration Quality Rating and Improvement System Serve on state, regional, and local and state governance bodies and QRIS Task Force Groups Co-chair the ELC Advisory Committee Conduct quarterly series of 6 workshops on quality for emerging professional leaders


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