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1. CampaignPlanning 101Jed Thorp, ManagerSierra Club, Ohio ChapterJed.thorp@SierraClub.org614-461-0734 x303 2. Sierra Club Founded in 1892 (Ohio 1968) 17,000 members statewide Work on wide variety of issues(energy, water, fracking,transportation) Member-led, member-driven www.sierraclub.orgSierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 3. What is the secret to success inorganizing? Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 4. Grassroots Organizing Winreal, immediate and concreteimprovements in peoples lives Re-align power relationships by buildingstrong and effective organizations Empower people tobecome active andeffective in the politicalprocess, and in theircommunitiesSierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 5. A note on organizationbuilding Ask Thank Inform InvolveSierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 6. Campaign Planning Matrix 1. Issue Focus 2. Campaign Goals 3. Lay of the Land 4. Strategy 5. Campaign Communication 6. Tactics and Timeline 7. Resource ManagementSierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 7. 1. Issue Focus Whatproblem are you seeking toaddress? How does it relate to your community? Will working on this issue strengthen yourorganization? Is this winnable? Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 8. 2. Campaign Goals Conservation Goals:ExampleImmediate: Stop the toxic waste incineratorInterim: Inform public that such facilitiesendanger public healthLong-Term: Eliminate all toxic wasteincinerators from the state- Realistic, achievable and quantifiable Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 9. 2. Campaign Goals (cont.) OrganizationalGoals:- How will our organization be larger andstronger because of this campaign?- Example:- Recruit 20 new members- Create Facebook page- Raise $2,000Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 10. 3. Lay of the Land OrganizationalStrengths and Weaknesses How much money do you have?Volunteers? Skills? Workspace? Experience?Relationships with decision-makers andmedia? Allies and Opponents Who else has a stake in this issue? Whatresources could allies bring to thecampaign? Who can we neutralize? Know your opposition! Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 11. 4. Strategy Strategic Vehicle Legislation Regulation Pressure manufacturer Ballot initiative Consider: political climate; existingrelationships; resourcesSierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 12. 4. Strategy (cont.) Targets Who can give you the outcome you want? Strategy: as much about what you WONTbe doing as hat you WILL be doing. The more resources you can focus on yourprimary target, the better Name names: (John Kasich, Scott Nally, theCEO of company X, etc.) Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 13. 4. Strategy (cont.)A Note about legislative bodies Divide into 3 groups OurBase (for us) Their base (against us) Persuadables (up for grabs) Dothe Math! Dont take your base for granted Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 14. 4. Strategy (cont.) Primary vs Secondary Targets Who can influence your primary target? Community leaders? Other groups? Public audience - dont forget that you arealso trying to win over the public. Make thema tertiary target Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 15. 5. Campaign CommunicationSeven Cs of effective Campaign Communication Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 16. 5. Campaign Communication Startwhere they are Dont just preach to the choir Focus your argument on what will be mostmeaningful to them Use understandable language: Particulate matter vs soot ecosystem vs habitat Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 17. 5. Campaign Communication Message Short: Protect Americas Environment ForOur Families, For Our Future Story (short paragraph) Problem Victim (person or place) Villain (best to individualize) Hero (public) Resolution (way to solve the problem)Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 18. 5. Campaign Communications Media Practice message discipline Whenthe campaign staff and reporters become physically ill over the repetition of the message, only then have you begun to penetrate the public consciousness Which media outlets will reach your targets?Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 19. 6. Tactics and Timeline Note: this is step 6, NOT step 1 Create Demand (Build base) Direct contact; Visibility Make Leaders Accountable (for, against, persuadables) Use media Take DeliverySierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 20. 6. Tactics and Timeline Media, can be used to Influence decision-makers Generate activism Verify the record Force a position to be taken Reveal motives Note: Media is a tactic, not a goal in-and- of itselfSierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 21. Tactic Checklist What is our goal of this activity? Who is our target for this tactic? How will this communicate our message? Will this alienate our partners or hurt ourcredibility? Do we have the time, money, and people topull this off? Is this newsworthy? How will our partners contribute to this effort? Will this be fun? Is this simple, achievable and effective? How will this set us up for our NEXT tactic?Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 22. 7. Resource Management Know what you need Have a fundraising plan Know who to ask Know WHAT to ask Have a campaign budget KNOW how much things cost Spend wisely!Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 23. Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101 24. Sierra Club: Campaign Planning 101


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