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  • St Liborius Parish

    VISION: We, the St Liborius parish Community, seek to support each other in growing together in faith and sharing this faith with the wider community.

    St Augustines (Myers Flat), St Stephens (Raywood)

    3rd january, 2016 - the epiphany of the lord, YEAR c

    Communities Growing Together

    Message of His Holiness POPE FRANCIS

    For the Celebration of the XLIX WORLD DAY OF PEACE

    1 January 2016 (Part 1) Overcome Indifference and Win Peace 1. God is not indifferent! God cares about mankind! God does not abandon us! At the beginning of the New Year, I would like to share not only this profound conviction but also my cordial good wishes for prosperity, peace and the fulfilment of the hopes of every man and every woman, every family, people and nation throughout the world, including all Heads of State and Government and all religious leaders. We continue to trust that 2016 will see us all firmly and confidently engaged, on different levels, in the pursuit of justice and peace. Peace is both Gods gift and a human achievement. As a gift of God, it is entrusted to all men and women, who are called to attain it. Maintaining our reasons for hope 2. Sadly, war and terrorism, accompanied by kidnapping, ethnic or religious persecution and the misuse of power, marked the past year from start to finish. In many parts of the world, these have became so common as to constitute a real third world war fought piecemeal. Yet some events of the year now ending inspire me, in looking ahead to the new year, to encourage everyone not to lose hope in our human ability to conquer evil and to combat resignation and indifference. They demonstrate our capacity to show solidarity and to rise above self-interest, apathy and indifference in the face of critical situations. Here I would mention the efforts to bring world leaders together at COP21 in the search for new ways to confront climate change and to protect the earth, our common home. We can also think of two earlier

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    The Word Today Isaiah 60:1-6 Ephesians 3:2-3,5-6 Matthew 2:1-12

    Next Weeks Readings Isaiah 40:1-5, 9-11 Titus 2:11-14,3:4-7 Luke 3:15-16,21-22

    Gospel Acclamation Alleluia, Alleluia! We have seen his star in the East; and have come to adore the Lord. Alleluia!

    Responsorial Psalm Lord, every nation on earth will adore you.

    Papal Prayer Intentions for January 2016

    Interreligious Dialogue That sincere dialogue among men and women of different faiths may produce the fruits of peace and justice.

    Christian Unity That by means of dialogue and fraternal charity and with the grace of the Holy Spirit, Christians may overcome divisions.

    No one can put limits on Gods love, for he is always ready to forgive! Dec 30th

    Fr Junjun Corner

    Some people are wise, some are otherwise says one Jesuit priest, our then spiritual director in the seminary. Today the Church celebrates the Epiphany of the Lord, i.e. the manifestation of the Messiah to the whole world as represented by the wise men from the east who came to visit the birthplace of Christ. This feast also calls us to open our hearts to the manifestation of God in our lives. We need to cooperate in Gods works and Gods grace for us otherwise we would never go that far, we would never achieve so much, we would never change for the better. Let us make this our new years resolution. A way to cooperate in Gods works and Gods grace is to be FAT (i.e. faithful, available & teachable). To be faithful means being aware once again of what God is calling us to be, of knowing what God wills for us and act on it, rather than going against it. To be available means giving time to God in prayer and sharing some of our time to those who are in need, to Jesus who comes to our door in the guise of the poor, the weak, the asylum seekers, and those who are refugees. To be teachable means we need to humble ourselves and understand that we cant always know everything, that we are not always in control of things God is. So let us endeavor to become FAT in this new year (faithful, available and teachable). At the same time, let us also recall the blessings we have received from the past year. As Pope St John Paul II in his Apostolic letter Novo Millenio Ineunte (at the close of the Millenium) in the year 2000 would say: Let us remember the past with gratitude, live the present with enthusiasm and look forward to the future with confidence. I wish you all a happy, prosperous, grace-filled new year. I leave you with a blessing from the Book of Numbers (Num 6:22-27) May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord let his face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord uncover his face to you and bring you peace.

  • Mary De Nardis, Bridget Stewart, Ted Verryt, Mikkael Floyd Magpulong, Doreen Dibdib, Lise Cook, Mary Furlong, Paul Woodward, Russell Milikins, Jodie Ryan, Bryan Keogh, Cynthia Griego, Muriel Maes, Patricia Schultz, Bert Caldow, Angeline Caldow, Frances Cushing, Brendan Irwin, Ian Connally, Jocelyn Lyon, Marie Casey, Georgie Manning, Teresa Brandreth, Denis Pommer, Mary Salmon Eiffe, Marianne Cuskelly, Mary McAdam, Wayne Leahy, Diana Patterson, Frank White, Margaret Berriman, Zoey Lovejoy, Gerald Smith, Tila Wynands, Rosario Jewell, Rosalia Van Leuwen, Valerie Short, Kevin Tobias, Shirley Baker, Carmel McCashney, Patrick Holden, Bert Youla, Denise Wong, Ian Johnson, Maureen OKeefe, Barbara Mason, Melinda May, Dorothy Stevens, Josefina Wilson, Xavier White, Gary

    Jones, Nora Ryan, Eileen Sheridan.

    With St Liborius, St Stephen & St Augustine, let

    us be a spiritual benefactor to each other in

    prayer, especially for the health and

    well-being of:

    Pray for the seminarians of our Diocese:

    Dean Klayford Bongat, Adi Indra & Jackson Saunders.

    Youth Corner World Youth Day (WYD): If you are between the ages of 16-35 and would like to experience a phenomenal pilgrimage to Poland to join with Pope Francis & millions of faith filled young people visit or contact Darcy De Losa. You dont want to miss this incredible opportunity! Contact Darcy De Losa, 0409 777 2424, 03 5445 3616, Mary-Anne de Luca, 0488 665 383, 03 5445 3658,

    In faith and hope let us pray for

    those who have gone before us

    and those whose anniversaries

    occur around this time.

    John Stockx, Craig ODonoghue, Elizabeth Grant, Stella Naughton, Edwin Crack, Gladys Jones, Stephen McKindley, Emily Reed, Kathleen Daly, Kevin Bourke, Katie Place


    May they rest in the peace of Christ. Amen.

    INFORMATION NIGHT - Sandhurst Diocese Journey of Christ Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 2016

    When: Thursday 4th February 2016, 5.30 6.30 pm. Where: 120 Hargreaves St BENDIGO Steven Green (Director, Olive Tree Travel) will give a briefing and Question & Answer time in a virtual meeting across 3 venues. All welcome. Enjoy a taste of Holy Land wine and Middle Eastern nibbles. RSVP: Marina Scott 5445 9910 or

    Recently Deceased: Gary Aquino, Thomas Daly

    As we gather to worship, we acknowledge the Traditional owners and custodians of this land- the Jaara Country we are standing on- the Jaara people of the Dja Dja Wurrung community and their forebears who have been custodians of this land for centuries.


    Dear Lord, we pray that this New Year

    will bring us closer to you.

    May we take the time to get to know you.

    Help us to truly celebrate the gifts

    You have graciously given us

    and use them to serve you and spread your word.

    May we also see and love You in all the people we meet, so that in turn, they can see you in us.

    We know that all human relations take time

    if they are to grow and deepen.

    This is also true of our relations with you dear Jesus,

    With the Father, and the Holy Spirit,

    which must grow over the course of our lives.

    In this new year, let us realize that every action of ours

    no matter how great or small enables

    us to be in touch with you.

    Let us accept you in our lives, in the way it pleases you,

    As Truth, to be spoken, as life to be lived,

    As light to be lighted, as love to be followed,

    As joy to be given, as peace to be spread about,

    As sacrifice, to be offered among our relatives, friends, neighbors and all people. Amen.

    ~ from The Catholic Doors Ministry

    A Closer Walk With God - Faith Connections for Families a resource produced by the Diocese of Sandhurst is available at the back of the church.

    Monthly meetings for parish groups are in recess in January.

    Pope Francis list of

    New Years


    1. Dont Gossip.

    2. Finish your


    3. Make time for


    4. Choose the

    more humble


    5. Meet the poor

    in the flesh.

    6. Stop judging


    7. Befriend those

    who disagree.

    8. Make commitments, such as marriage.

    9. Make it a habit to ask the Lord.

    10. Be happy (the Joy of the Gospel)

  • global events: the Addis Ababa Summit for funding s