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  • St Liborius Parish

    VISION: We, the St Liborius parish Community, seek to support each other in growing together in faith and sharing this faith with the wider community.

    St Augustine’s (Myers Flat), St Stephen’s (Raywood) Communities Growing Together

    28th August, 2016 - twenty-second Sunday in ordinary time, YEAR c

    The majority of parishioners would be aware that we have been transcribing the official Pope Francis Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love) for the last couple of months. For some of us it can be pretty hard going to take fully in, those that are capable can persevere for the others (like Michael) we have decided to have a revisitation to hopefully present it in an easier format.

    The story continues. In chapter eight Pope Francis considers situations not in accord with the church’s ideas. Here Pope Francis demonstrates the “logic of pastoral mercy” and reaffirms the role of the church as a “field hospital”. He acknowledges that “some forms of union radically contradict the Christian ideal, while others realise it in at least a partial and analogues way.” Therefore “there is a need to avoid judgements which do not take into account the complexity of various situations. He goes on: “It is a matter of reaching out to everyone, of needing to help each person find his or her proper way of participating in the ecclesial community, and thus being touched by an unmerited, unconditional and gratuitous mercy”.

    Towards the end of this chapter Pope Francis writes: “I encourage the faithful who find themselves in complicated situation's to speak confidently with their pastors or with other lay people….. They may not always encounter in them a confirmation of their own ideas of desires, but they will surely receive some light to help them better understand their situation and discover a path to personal growth. At the same time Pope Francis encourages pastors to respond sympathetically.

    The ninth and final chapter is devoted to the spirituality of marriage and family life. In the last paragraph Pope Francis declares: “No family drops down from heaven perfectly formed; families need constantly to grow and mature in the ability to love...All of us are called to keep striving towards something greater than ourselves and our families, and every family must feel this constant impulse. Let us make this journey as family's, let us keep walking together… May we never lose heart because of our limitations or ever stop seeking that fullness of love and communion which God holds our before us. What Pope Francis has done in the Joy of Love is daring. As pastor of the universal church he has declared his trust in peoples capacity to navigate their own way through the labyrinth of marriage and family life. Like a wise parent he chooses not to control the lives of believers, but “lovingly to help them grow in freedom, maturity,

    Pope Francis Corner Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love)

    by the Holy Father FRANCIS, to Bishops, Priests and Deacons, Consecrated Persons, Christian

    Married Couples, and all the Lay Faithful--- On Love in the Family

    Continued from last week

    CHAPTER TWO THE EXPERIENCES AND CHALLENGES OF FAMILIES 31. The welfare of the family is decisive for the future of the world and that of the Church. Countless studies have been made of marriage and the family, their current problems and challenges. We do well to focus on concrete realities, since “the call and the demands of the Spirit resound in the events of history”, and through these “the Church can also be guided to a more profound understanding of the inexhaustible mystery of marriage and the family”. I will not attempt here to present all that might be said about the family today. Nonetheless, because the Synod Fathers examined the situation of families worldwide, I consider it fitting to take up some of their pastoral insights, along with concerns derived from my own experience. THE CURRENT REALITY OF THE FAMILY. 32. “Faithful to Christ’s teaching we look to the reality of the family today in all its complexity, with both its lights and shadows… Anthropological and cultural changes in our times influence all aspects of life and call for an analytic and diversified approach”. Several decades ago, the Spanish bishops noted that families have come to enjoy greater freedom “through an equitable distribution of duties, responsibilities and tasks”; indeed, “a greater emphasis on personal communication between the spouses helps to make family life more humane”, while “neither today’s society nor that to which we are progressing allow an uncritical survival of older forms and models”. It is also evident that “the principal tendencies in anthropological-cultural changes” are leading “individuals, in personal and family life, to receive less and less support from social structures than in the past”.

    Next Week’s Readings Wisdom 9:13-18 Philemon 9-10, 12-17 Luke 14:25-33

    Gospel Acclamation Alleluia, alleluia! Take my yoke upon you: learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart. Alleluia!

    Responsorial Psalm God, in your goodness, you have made a home for the poor.

    Papal Prayer Intentions for August 2016

    Sports That sports may be an opportunity for friendly encounters between peoples and may contribute to peace in the world. Living the Gospel That Christians may live the Gospel, giving witness to faith, honesty, and love of neighbor.

    Where there is love, there is also understanding and forgiveness. 19 August

    The Word Today Ecclesiasticus 3:17-20,28-29 Hebrews 12:18-19,22-24 Luke 14:1,7-14

  • With St Liborius, St Stephen & St Augustine, let us be a spiritual benefactor to

    each other in prayer, especially for the health and well-being of:

    Pray for our seminarians: Dean Klayford Bongat, Adi Indra, Jackson Saunders & DJ Suguitan.

    May they rest in the peace of Christ. Amen.

    In faith and hope let us pray for those who

    have gone before us and those whose

    anniversaries occur around this time.

    Maree Fitzgerald, Horie Metcalf, Sylvia Gardner, Elizabeth Jinks, Archibold Gardiner, Myrtle Lobb, Katherine Fitzpatrick,

    Gordon Castle, Alice Dunn, Thomas Gladman, Marjorie Rogers, Desmond Nelson Cirila Amaya Jorolan


    Recently Deceased: Gerald Fitzpatrick

    PRAYER FOR THE WORLD God of mercy, source of life and origin

    of all things created We praise you for your constant care

    and concern for us. We thank you for your unconditional love for us. In humility, we ask forgiveness for all our sins.

    Father, we humbly ask you grant your peace in the world.

    With your healing power, comfort those who are suffering from

    any form of illness, With your Divine Mercy,

    comfort those who are victims of violence and those victims of natural disasters

    and calamities. By the light of your love and mercy,

    put an end to the darkness in the world perpetrated by the works of the evil one

    and of the evil ideologies and selfish motives, With the power of the Holy Spirit,

    we ask this through Christ, Your Son, our Lord and Saviour,

    forever and ever. Amen.

    As we gather to worship, we acknowledge the Traditional owners and custodians of this land- the Jaara Country we are standing on- the Jaara people of the Dja Dja Wurrung community and their forebears who have been custodians of this land for centuries.

    Mary De Nardis, Bridget Stewart, Ted Verryt, Mikkael Floyd Magpulong, Doreen Dibdib, Lise Cook, Mary Furlong, Paul Woodward, Russell Milikins, Jodie Ryan, Bryan Keogh, Frank White, Margaret Berriman, Zoey Lovejoy, Gerald Smith, Rachel Jackson

    Cynthia Griego, Muriel Maes, Patricia Schultz, Bert Caldow, Angeline Caldow, Gary Jones, Frances Cushing, Brendan Irwin, Ian Connally, Jocelyn Lyon, Marie Casey, Georgie Manning, Teresa Brandreth, Denis Pommer, Mary Salmon Eiffe, Marianne Cuskelly, Mary McAdam,

    Rosalia Van Leuwen, Kevin Tobias, Shirley Baker, Carmel McCashney, Bert Youla, Denise Wong, Melinda May, Ian Johnson, Maureen O’Keefe, Josefina Wilson, Xavier White, Claire Dearaugo, Des Tobias. Rosario Jewell, Tila Wynands, Christine Longmire

    ***** CHANGE OF TIME ***** MOTHERS’ PRAYERS: Do you want to join with other

    women to confidently pray for your children & grandchildren? Join us in the Mothers Prayers on Fridays 10am in the Parish Centre.

    Ring Beryl 54414019 for information.


    WORSHIP REPORT The PPC recently requested a report which we refer to as the Worship report; regarding various people within the parish assisting Father to administer to his flock as he sees fit. We will be commenting on each of these groups over the next few weeks, informing you of the activities of each group and where we may be able to assist them. This week is on Trish Blanks and Michael Nolan as our main Projector Operators. Recent additions for the school mass’s are Sandy and Terry Westaway. Trish has been operating the projector for the Sunday morning Mass for approx last 3 yea