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<ol><li> 1. Church of St. Jerome EmilianiParish in Ayala, Alabang </li><li> 2. When this parish was entrusted to thecare of the Somascan Fathers by the lateJaime Cardinal Sin, the legendaryCardinal considered as a hero andprophet of the nation, the area was stillpoor. The land area was surrounded bysmall hills covered by trees or tall weedsand squatters inhabiting the place. Butnow it transformed into a bloomingbusiness and shopping center with thevillage for the rich and the famous nearby. </li><li> 3. The driveway right in front of theChurchs main entrance </li><li> 4. The Church, being at the center of theTown Center, is much appreciated by thepeople. Its about 6 masses every Sundayis well attended even its daily Masses. Asthe surrounding places are dominated byshops, malls, skycrapers and affluentvillages the St. Jerome Emiliani Parishsplendidly proclaims The Cross of Christas the only and only means of Salvationfor all. </li><li> 5. Its beautiful Baroque architecture exudes serenity, graceand beauty inviting people from all walk of life, rich andpoor, to a genuine worship of God and in silent prayer.Its architecture harmonizes with that of the Town Centerand the Ayala Museum adjacent to it. The success of St. Jerome Emiliani Parish is of courseattributed to the Lord who made it His Temple and to St.Jerome Emiliani whose continuous intercession inheaven enlivens the faith of the Somascan Fathers andits parishioners. But we cannot forget as well themagnificent leadership and the hard works dedicated toit by its Parish Priests: Rev. Fr. Cesare de Santis, CRSand the current pastor, Rev. Fr. Grato Germanetto, CRS. </li><li> 6. Our Parish Mission Statement St. Jerome Parish follows the Lord Jesus in the RomanCatholic tradition. We strive to live His Way under theguidance of the Holy Spirit. Worship together is the source and summit of ourdiscipleship. From liturgy flow our devotional prayer andour commitment to lifelong faith formation throughcatechesis for all age levels, including our parishelementary school. From liturgy flows our service to the Lord in the charitywe share to meet human needs and advance the causeof peace through justice in our world.</li></ol>


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