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  • St. Basil's Cathedral N. Nazarov 3
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  • St. Basil's Cathedral I want to tell you about St. Basil's Cathedral. St. Basils Cathedral is a masterpiece of Russian architecture. It is in Moscow in Red Square. It was built in 1552.
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  • Ivan the Terrible Ivan the Terrible ordered this Cathedral in honour of Russias conquest of Kazan from Mongol forces.
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  • St. Basil It was named by Saint Basil. St. Basil was born in 1466. He had the gift of insight. He taught people to be moral. Ivan the Terrible honored and feared him.
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  • Russian architects Russian architects Postnic and Barma built it.
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  • Domes The Cathedral has 11 domes each in honour of victorious battles
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  • Museum The Cathedral is now a museum. A lot of tourists visit it every day and admire it. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Moscow.
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