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<p> 1. CONTENTS Caution..1 Restrictions1User ManualProduct Package.2 Button Function Diagram...3 2.4GHz Wireless Camera Wristwatch How it Works..41. Charge the Wireless Camera Wristwatch....4Model: SCR02*How to Charge Solar Charger........................52. Operation.....6 Product Advantages6 Product Application....7 Maintenance...7 Specifications.....8~9 CAUTION!Do not charge the camera wristwatch under workingcondition!RESTRICTIONS 1.DO NOT use this product to violate one's privacy. Monitoring one's activities without consent is illegal and this product is not designed and manufactured for such purpose; 2.DO NOT use this product for any illegal activities. We shall not be responsible for any consequences of illegal acts committed by the user. 2. PRODUCT PACKAGEHOW IT WORKS 12.4Ghz Wireless Spy Camera Wristwatch 1PC; 1. Charge the Wireless Camera Wristwatch(There are 3 methods) 2Solar Charger 1PC;a. Charged by Solar Charger (see to picture 1) 3AC Adapter 1 PC;Connect the solar charger to DC socket with extended cable; the charging indicator 4Extended Cable, USB-DC Cable, USB Cable each 1PC. turns red. After full charge, the indicator turns off. b. Charged by computer (see to picture 2) Connect it to computer with USB-DC cable; the charging indicator turns red. After full charge, the indicator turns off. c. Charged by AC adapter (see to picture 3) Connect to AC adapter with USB-DC cable, the charging indicator turns red. After full charge, the indicator turns off. BUTTON FUNCTION DIAGRAM1. Power On: Turn on camera; default to working on channel 1.2. DC Socket &amp; Mic.: Socket for power charge and microphone3. Power Off (REC/EQ): Press to turn off camera.4. CH Switch (FF/VOL+): Press to switch among CH1~CH4.5. Time Adjuster: For adjust time6. Camera Pinhole: Pinhole for hiding camera.7. Charging Indicator: Indicate the state of charging. 8. CH Indicator: Indicate the working channel. 3. ** How to charge Solar Charger**Product AdvantagesThere are also 3 methods:1) Wireless transmission assures great safety for undercover assignments a. Put the charger under the sunshine: The solar energy will convert to 2) Tiny pinhole camera lens safely hidden inside a working watch.electrical energy and charge the build-in rechargeable battery;(Picture 4) 3) Long continuous operating time is up to 1 hour b. Charge it with AC adapter: The charge indicator will be flashing. When thebattery is full, the indicator will be turn off. (Picture 5) 4) Water-proof c. Connect the charger to your computer with USB cable: The charger 5) Long distance of transmission range up to 900 feet(WS-690A)indicator will be flashing. When the battery is full, the indicator will be turn 6) It also can work as baby monitor. When the kids play around, with this watch onoff;(Picture 6)their hands, you can monitor them on the DVR; once they are out of 300 meters range, you'll notice from the DVR at the first second! 7) Portable Solar charger guarantees strong &amp; long time power supply up to 8 hours, which offering great convenience for outdoor operation. Product Application Its ideal for the security personnel, law enforcement agencies, journalists to fulfill the undercover assignments, like evidence collection, hidden investigation and surveillance, etc. It is also great as a toy for hobby enthusiasts, as body worn solutions, as baby monitor too. 2. Operation: MAINTENANCE1) Continuously press Power On button for 3 seconds, it starts to work in defaultchannel 1. The CH indicator flashes one time per second. 1. Dont use other AC adapter to charge your camera pen and solar charger2) Press CH Switch button FF/VOL+ to switch channel among CH1~CH4. 2. Dont charge the build-in battery for too long time if you charge it with computerEach press switches to the next channel. CH2: CH indicator flashes 2 times or AC adapter.per second; CH3: CH indicator flashes 3 times per second; CH4: CH indicator3. In case of short circuit protection, all you need to do is unplug Short-circuit plusflashes 4 times per second. At the same time, switch the receiver into the load, after which power supply will resume in 10 seconds.corresponding channel. 4.Dont scrape the surface of the solar energy board with sharp object3) Pull out the DC socket plug to get better effect on audio record.4) Continuously press Power Off button EQ/REC for 3 seconds, camera turns off. SPECIFICATION 4. Frequency CH1=2414MHz;CH2=2432MHz CH3=2450MHzCH4=2468MHz Audio subcarrier frequency. 6.0Mhz Antenna Built-in 2.4G antenna RF Output power A: 100mW; B: 10mW Transmitting Range300 feet in line of sight Sensor1/4 CMOS color ResolutionNTSC:510X490; PAL:380X296 Horizontal resolution NTSC:380 TV line; PAL:240 TV line Minimum illumination2.0lux Built-in mic. 55dB high sensitivity View angle60 degree Li-battery capacity 130MAH Continuous operating time 1 hours Charge time 15minutes Operating voltage DC 5V Operating current 120MA Solar charger high capacity 1350MAH: battery life is up to 8 hours built-inLi-battery Solar energy board5.5V/80MA Color Black </p>