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  • 1. wifi / , 4 . 1. www.scc21.net . 2. 20 wifi Aimer88< 12345678>, ----- >------ ---. . 3. / 30 . 4. , ;. : / , 2-4 . / WIFI/IP AVI M- JPEG 640*480 VGA 320*240 QVGA 10fps1fps 1/3" CMOS 2.4G 802.11n WIFI TF 43 Windows ISO Android 220

2. Wifi network camera operation Plug in the power / monitor For the first time, simply press the following 4 operations. 1. go to Internet www.scc21.net with your phone or computer to download the appropriate client. 2. Wait 20 seconds after the device is plugged in, the phone wifi connection with its hot point Aimer88 , open the local phone client --- point to point the camera right next to the name of the head of the blue ">" --- point to wireless network settings correctly enter the local router name and password --- OK. returned to the client home page. 3. The 'OK / Reset' hole press down, wait for 30 seconds after the device. 4. Enter the phone camera name and password on the device, log in; you can RMON. Tips: for different network environments need to "OK / Reset" hole on the device by up, then the operation of the above 2-4. OK / reset hole Parameters Name WIFI / IP network camera AVI video format M- JPEG video encoding Video resolution 640 * 480 VGA Network transmission resolution 320 * 240 QVGA Video frame rate 10fps 1fps Sensor 1/3 "Color CMOS Antenna 2.4G 802.11n WIFI built-in antenna Storage support TF card, mobile phone client storage capacity Playback software that comes with the operating system or mainstream audio and video playback software Image ratio 4: 3 3. Support system Windows ISO Android Power supply voltage AC 220 V


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