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    Minutes of the 51st SEOA AGM held on Thursday 14th June 2018 at Christchurch

    Conference Centre, Christchurch Woking, Town Square, Woking Surrey GU21 6YG

    1 Present

    Simon Greenwood SAX SEOA Chairman

    David Saunders HH SEOA Treasurer

    Philip Gristwood MV SEOA Fixtures Secretary

    Angela Darley GO SEOA Junior Training Officer

    Keith Marsden HH SEOA Meetings Secretary

    Neil Crickmore SO SEOA Competitions Officer

    Mike Elliot MV Catherine Galvin LOK

    Jon Darley GO Alan Wallis SN

    Mark Adams HH Andrew Evans DFOK

    Alan Leakey SLOW

    Peter Hart CEO, British Orienteering

    Apologies for Absence

    Janet Biggs HAVOC

    Susan Marsden HH SEOA Membership Secretary

    Tony Maycraft CHIG

    2. Minutes of 50th AGM held on 8th June 2017

    It was agreed that the minutes represented a true record of the meeting.

    3. Matters arising

    There were no matters arising not covered by the agenda of the meeting.

    4. Officers Reports

    4.1 SEOA Chairman

    The Chairman commented that he had little to do except to follow up with specific detail.

    Recently he had been progressing the areas for BOC 2020.

    4.2 SEOA Secretary

    The Secretary had recently moved out of Region but had commented that she had had little to

    do as Secretary.

    4.3 SEOA Treasurer

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    The Treasurer advised that the Accounts for 2017 had been agreed and signed by the


    Approval of the 2017 Accounts was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by ME.

    This was agreed nem con.

    The Treasurer proposed that Nick Green be once again retained as Auditor.

    This was seconded by KM and agreed nem con.

    The Treasurer had provided a report and a summary of the accounts for FY 2017 (Appendices

    A and B).

    AW asked what was the deficit/surplus in 2017 without the JK surplus. The Treasurer

    responded that it was a deficit of the order of about £2k. This had largely been caused by the

    greater than usual number of grants provided to Juniors who had been selected for Summer

    Camps, the Talent Squad and International representation.

    MA proposed that SEOA should consider reducing its Fees for 2019 to match the

    increase proposed by British Orienteering, thereby holding the total membership fee

    at the 2018 level.

    A number of points were made by individuals at this point;

    The Chairman commented that a different levy model had been employed on the JK

    and this had worked in SEOA’s favour but otherwise he expected the Region to run at

    a loss.

    JD commented that GO had upped their junior fee, from zero to £3, in order to cover

    the cost of junior activities. This appeared to have had no effect on membership.

    The Treasurer commented that the SEOA Junior fee had remained at £1 since 2011.

    In response to a comment from MA it was thought that Orienteering was not

    competing with Park Run as Park Run runners generally went to athletics not


    AL commented that, in general it was difficult to change should you reduce any fee to


    The Chairman commented that the Region had taken a big risk with the JK and would

    be doing so with the upcoming BOC with regard to the amount of cash needed for up-

    front spend.

    AE commented that he preferred to spend money on development rather than reduce

    the SEOA fees from members.

    The Treasurer proposed that we keep income and expenditure broadly in line and use

    any surplus on Development.

    There was some further discussion on this but in general the feeling was not in favour

    of MA’s proposal.

    AW once again raised the question regarding the way that the Region collects its

    Membership fees, from the clubs and members.

    He pointed out that SN has a problem as it allows its members to choose which

    Association, South Central or South East, to join

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    It was pointed out that this had been raised last year and that an analysis had been

    requested from AW but none had been produced.

    After some discussion it was agreed that there was a need for a concrete written

    proposal with details of process and costs and for a final decision to be made in


    Action; AW

    Clubs need to be aware of this being considered and that a decision will be made in

    September. It was pointed out that a decision could not be delayed after September as

    clubs and the region would need to submit the 2019 subscription amounts to British

    Orienteering soon after.

    Action; All Club Reps

    The Treasurer proposed that the SEOA event levy should remain at 40% of the BOF

    levy on leviable events.

    The Treasurers proposal was seconded by Alan Leakey and agreed nem con

    4.4 SEOA Membership Secretary

    The Membership Secretary had submitted a written report. (See Appendix C).

    It was noted that there was no real change in level and broadly speaking it had been at

    this level for some years.

    4.5 SEOA Competitions Officer

    There was no report from the Competitions Officer.

    4.6 SEOA Junior Training Officer

    The Training Officer had submitted a written report. (See Appendix D)

    She said that her report should have mentioned that Sam Fielding (HH) had been

    selected for the 2018 Interland team and that it had recently been announced that

    Stanley Heap (SO) and Angus Harrington (HH) had been selected for this year’s

    Stockholm training camp..

    She also confirmed that she continues to receive support from clubs.

    4.7 SEOA Fixtures Secretary

    The Fixtures Secretary had submitted an event summary for the year (see Appendices

    E and F).

    He noted that in addition to events the Region had organised 101 activities.

    In answer to a question he said that an activity publishes no results whereas a Level D

    event publishes a set of results.

    He suggested that the current naming of events is confusing to newcomers.

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    5.0 Changes to the SEOA constitution

    No amendments were tabled at this AGM.

    6.0 Election of Officers

    At this point the Meetings Secretary took the Chair.

    Simon Greenwood was proposed as Chairman; this was seconded by ME.

    This was agreed nem con

    At this point Simon Greenwood took the Chair.

    The Chairman announced that the following officers were willing to continue;

    - SEOA Treasurer (David Saunders) - SEOA Fixtures secretary (Philip Gristwood) - SEOA Competitions officer (Neil Crickmore) - SEOA Membership secretary (Susan Marsden) - SEOA Meetings Secretary (Keith Marsden)

    These were agreed nem con.

    The Chairman noted that the Secretary had stood down and no replacement had come

    forward. Until a replacement had been found he would stand in as Secretary.

    The Chairman thanked all the officers for their work during the year.

    7.0 Any other business.

    There was no other business.

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    Treasurer’s Report to the 2018 AGM

    1) Accounts

    The audited accounts for 2017 are appended. I propose that they be formally approved.

    2) Auditor The auditor is appointed by the Committee and, as there is no limit to the term of appointment, Nick Green (GO) continues as auditor until the arrangement is terminated by him or the Committee.

    3) Banking arrangements

    The Association holds a current account with HSBC and a deposit account with Scottish Widows Bank. Our assets are covered by a full deposit guarantee under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. I propose that we continue our current banking arrangements, but I will be looking at options to increase the return on funds currently held in the deposit account, as the rate of interest has dropped sharply this year.

    4) JK 2017

    JK 2017 made a surplus of £13,541.02 after payment of the BO super levy. At the SEOA committee meeting in September 2017 it was decided to make an unrestricted donation of £3,424.00 from this surplus to the Orienteering Foundation. Summary accounts for JK 2017 are available on request.

    5) JIRCS 2017

    JIRCS 2017 made a surplus of £1,685.72, largely due to officials and suppliers waiving all or part of their costs. The three clubs responsible for staging the events (GO, SLOW and SN) agreed to donate this surplus to JROS. Summary accounts for JIRCS 2017 are available on request.

    6) Expenditure

    If the expenditure on major events is disregarded, the main costs in 2017 were due to the large number of SEOA juniors selected to represent their country or to attend summer training camps.

    7) Income

    Subscription income was comparable to previous years, and levy income up from 2016 as a result of a greater number of level B events in 2017.

    8) Assets

    SEOA’s assets have increased by £7,882 during 2017, due entirely to the surplus of income over expenditure for the JK 2017. SEOA continues to have considerable reserves and the net assets of the Association are greater than needed to maintain a conservative policy of holding an amount equivalent to two years’ expenditure.

    9) 2019 Fees and subscriptions

    At the 2017 AGM there was an inconclusive discussion of the merits of adopting an alternative model for membership of SEOA based on club affiliation to the region rather than individual membership. An analysis of the merits of different membership models that was an action point at the meeting held in September 2017, but as this has not been forthcoming, it is proposed that the current model of individual membership and club

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    affiliation be maintained for 2019. Given SEOA’s current assets, I propose that the 2019 fees and levies be held at the current levels:

    i. 2019 Club affiliation fee £5.00; ii. 2019 Individual subscription fees £3.00 seniors and £1.00 juniors; iii. 2019 SEOA levy 40% of the BOF levy for all designated events (designated

    events are those chosen for the SE League, plus any other level A or level B events that have not been explicitly exempted).

    David Saunders Honorary Treasurer SEOA

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    APPENDIX C SEOA membership Report June 2018 The report is for 31st May 2018

    31/06/18 Senior Junior Total %

    Change 31/06/17 Senior Junior Total

    BAOC 8 0 8 100 BAOC 4 0 4

    CHIG 43 7 50 -11 CHIG 46 10 56

    DFOK 62 15 77 3 DFOK 58 17 75

    GO 49 32 81 -21 GO 57 46 103

    HAVOC 6 0 6 -14 HAVOC 7 0 7

    HH 134 100 234 1 HH 129 103 232

    LOK 48 8 56 -5 LOK 51 8 59

    MV 58 11 69 -16 MV 68 14 82

    RAFO 6 1 7 40 RAFO 5 0 5

    SAX 98 28 126 2 SAX 94 30 124

    SLOW 169 37 206 1 SLOW 175 28 203

    SN 39 20 59 -2 SN 43 17 60

    SO 207 82 289 2 SO 204 78 282

    TOTAL 927 341 1268 -2 TOTAL 941 351 1292

    There has been a small decrease in membership since the same time last year with the bigger clubs mainly achieving slight increases.

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    SEOA Junior Squad Report 2017/2018 Over the past 12 months we have held 7 training days with an average of 15 juniors attending. We also held a successful weekend in South Wales in October with 14 juniors attending. September was the Junior Inter-Regionals where we came 7th overall. We had 12 juniors competing with many running up, to help us with scoring. The boys relay team came 3rd. 3 juniors attended the Hawkshead training weekend in November with Don McKerrow & Ali Masson. Selections JHI (October 2017) - Scarlet, Adam & Stan Talent Squad 2017/2018 - Angus & Stan Talent Camp 2018 - Stan & Angus Lagganlia 2018 - Olin Deeside 2018 - Adam & Scarlet Remaining 2018 selections not yet announced. Looking ahead we hope to take more juniors to JIRCs this September, and are looking to have a weekend away at the end of October again. Monthly training continues with days planned for June & July. Thank you to all the clubs who have allowed us to train on their areas and to all the coaches and parents who help out at sessions.

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    Events organised by Region

    International Major National Regional Local Activities Total

    N/A 13 0 0 0 0 0 13

    BOF 0 1 0 1 0 28 30

    EAOA 0 3 4 24 36 116 183

    EMOA 0 1 1 23 89 153 267

    NEOA 0 0 3 14 48 14 79

    NIOA 0 0 2 11 29 95 137

    NWOA 0 0 9 22 197 219 447

    SCOA 0 1 3 15 67 72 158

    SEOA 0 0 13 29 151 101 294

    SOA 0 2 13 42 250 386 693

    SWOA 0 1 6 37 130 299 473

    WMOA 0 4 5 21 87 138 255

    WOA 0 1 3 5 66 20 95

    YHOA 0 1 8 44 124 227 404

    Total 13 15 70 288 1274 1868 3528

    SE Fixtures Secretary

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    FIXTURES REPORT For AGM 14th June 2018

    2017/2018 SEASON

    A summary of events held and other activities is shown in the table below. This year Last year

    World Cup events BSpCh A BMDCh A JK Sprint A 1* JK Middle A 1* JK Long A 1* JK Relays A 1* JK Pre-O A 1* JK TempO A 1* SE League (inc Middle Dist) B 7 6 CSC round B 1 1 BrSchScCh B JIRC B 2 Harvester B 1 YBT Final B Sprint B Urban inc. CoL B 3 1 S Night Champs C SE Sprint Champs C 2 1 SE Middle Champs C 1 1 SE Night Champs C 1 1 SE Relays C 1 1 SE Score Champs C 1 1 District C 17 21 Urban & SEOUL C 3 6 Middle Distance C 1 1 Urban D Local D 32 60 GLOSS C/D 5 5 Park race/Park O C/D 17 7 Sprint/Ultrasprint C/D O Cross / Sprint/Loop D 2 3in1 / Metro O C/D 6 CATI/CAT-O/Try-O D 5 3 Street O (incl night) C/D 36 29 SENiLe / Night D 6 5 KNC (inc Street O) / SONIC D 22 28 ARC Summer Series D Local Evening D 13 Score C/D 5 3 Night Score D Micro O D Trail Challenge etc D 1 Fun day D 1 Adventure Race D Junior/Schools D 1 2

    Total 172 209

    This includes some SN events registered in SC and HAVOC events in EA

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    Figures are from start of August until end of July * UKOL events

    Philip Gristwood SE Fixtures Secretary