Social Media Marketing - A Holy Grail for Marketers

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Why Social Media is getting huge acceptance in India? Some factors helping social media's cause. How to do better social media marketing.


<ul><li> 1. KNOWLEDGE 1-2-1 SERIES Why Social is proving to be the Holy Grail for Indian Marketers RP Singh CEO, Sirez Group </li></ul> <p> 2. Some Facts 3. FACT #1 Ignoring social media doesnt make you invisible 4. FACT #2 Satisfied customer tells 3 friends, Angry customer tells 3,000 5. FACT #3 2009: Dell claimed its Sales worth from Twitter were $6.5 million &amp; Twitter launched only in 2007 6. FACT #4 Marketer loves Integration 7. FACT #5 Marketer loves people having conversations about his brand 8. FACT #6 Marketing team loves ROI 9. FACT #7 Marketer loves continuity 10. 4 stages of Social Media Grief Denial Its just a FAD/Its a kids thing Avoiding the internet/Bloc k out the world Anger This is stupid/I have better things to do with my time Increase in TV/Print spends to prove superiority Bargaining If we have FB then we are covered/Lets just do a blog Use of Social media in a half hearted &amp; limited way Depression I am over- whelmed with choices Hoping &amp; Complaining 11. Stage 5: Acceptance You finally realize that social media is here to stay and determine ways to integrate into the way you approach marketing I get it/Social media has changed my life Recruiting others 12. ACCEPTANCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA Why are we going mad about social 13. NO. OF INFORMATION SOURCES 10.4 14. 12 TIMES HIGHER TRUST Social as a conversation enabler 15. ABSENCE OF ONLINE ASSETS Social allows digital presence in the first place 16. WITH FRESH CONTENT Social helps brands getting found 17. ALWAYS ON Social keeps continuity 18. EVERYBODY IS A CATALYST Social media has spread out beyond just influencers 19. MEASUREMENT IS BETTER Measurement of social media is changing how we measure business 20. NPS: Net Promoter Score PTA Sales Net Sentiment RoI 21. BCOZ HE HIMSELF WANTS IT No difficulty in convincing bosses 22. CUSTOMER RETENTION-SHIP MANAGEMENT Social helps re-define CRM 23. CONTENT &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; SOCIAL Its getting easier to find content for your web spaces 24. Rethinking about Content BORROWBUY - Screen Scalability - Multiple Device Enabled CREATE Content Partnerships Link partnerships with key online sources (blogger) 25. MOTIVATIONS Who did it in an interesting way 26. MY TEN CENTS What can you do 27. Understand behavior, Not technology Focus on Motivation, Not Explicit goals Social networking is a means to an end, you need to understand what the end is Understanding sociability is complex People dont have one group of friends People care deeply about how they look to others People have multiple facets of identity Sometimes people need to be anonymous People of all ages care deeply about privacy 28. RP SINGH </p>