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Presentation on how social media can be exceptionally effective in developing your personal brand and sharing it with prospective employers.


<ul><li> 1. IF YOU ARE GOING TO SPEND 2/3 OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WORKING SHOULDNT IT BE SPENT DOING SOMETHING YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT?<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. WHO AM I?<br />Tim McMahon, Jr.<br />Chief Social Media Strategist and Personal Branding Consultant<br /><br />@tmcmahon12<br /><br />Or Just Call or Email me at:<br /><br />603-721-9628<br /> 3. Be Social!<br />A Job Seekers Guide to Personal Branding in a Digital World<br /> 4. Presentation Objectives:<br />To help Job Seekers identify their current personal brand and the message it sends to potential employers.<br />To dispel the myths and realities of the Web 2.0 job search.<br />To provide an action plan for building, marketing and managing your brand through social media<br /> 5. The Problem<br />Prospective job seekers are often unaware of the message that their social presence sends to both their connections as well as anyone who happens upon their accountsincluding potential employers.<br />In todays digital economy, it should be virtually expected that a potential employer can and will do a Google search of a prospective employee. <br /> 6. The Solution<br />Developing a sound virtual branding strategy is essential to ensure that a job seekers reputation is not negatively impacted prior to or during a job search.<br />Utilizing online tools from LinkedIn to Facebook to creating a professional blog can ensure that the correct message is consistently conveyed.<br /> 7. Why Bother?<br />Conversations, discussions, photos and the like are happening online whether you are monitoring them or not.<br />The key is in a persons ability to effectively respond to, react to, and ultimately shape those conversations.<br /> 8. 4 Things You Wont Leave This Presentation Without<br />Tips and Tricks to Identify Your Personal Brand<br />Where are you now and how would you like others to perceive you? Creating a consistent profile is essential in todays digital workspace.<br />5 Steps to Building Your Online Empire<br />It all starts with contentgood content!Well discuss the various sources of content available, and how to use it effectively in order to be viewed as a thought leader.<br />How to Select the Right Online Tools<br />There are literally hundreds of tools out there and more popping up everyday so where should you spend your time? Well take a look at the best options for today and even identify a few that could make an impact in the years to come.<br />How to Effectively and Efficiently Monitor your Online Reputation<br />You shouldnt have to spend hours every day searching through every social network to see what people are saying or posting about you.Well identify a couple great (and free) tools that can make this process MUCH easier!<br /> 9. Words of Wisdom from Gary V. Author of Crush It!<br />Love Your Family<br />Work Super Hard<br />Live Your Passion<br /> 10. Words of Wisdom from Gary V. Author of Crush It!<br />1st Generation built their brands on TV, movie screens, radio, magazines and newspapers The next generation will do the same online at a much lower cost!<br />Traditional resumes are going to be irrelevant<br />Hiring decisions will be made because of your online connections<br /> 11. 12. Personal Branding STARTS With You! <br />Roman Numeral 9<br />IX<br /> 13. If someone were to type your name into Google, what would come up?<br /> 14. Develop Your Professional Presence!<br />Professional Email Account<br />Sign up for LinkedIn<br />Change Privacy Settings on Facebook<br />Blogging / Vlogging<br />Twitter, YouTube (2nd largest search engine)<br /> 15. Does Your Email Look Like This??<br /><br /><br /> 16. Are You LinkedIn?<br /> 17. How Private Are You??<br /> 18. 5 Steps to Building Your Online Empire<br />For both candidates and companies, social media offers a way to:<br />Digitize referrals<br />Market Yourself<br />Conduct research<br />Publicize Your Intentions and Needs<br />Connect with those who have similar interests and goals.<br /> 19. Digitize Referrals<br /> 20. Market Yourself<br /><br /> 21. Conduct Research<br /> 22. Publicize Your Intentions and Needs<br /><br /> 23. Connect with Others<br /> 24. Looking forward, social networks lead all other recruiting channels for planned investment by employers as the economy recovers:<br />46% of respondents plan to spend more on social recruiting in 2010 than 2009<br />36% will spend less on job boards<br />38% will spend less on third party recruiters and search firms<br />For candidate quality, respondents rated social networks significantly higher than job boards who landed in last place, just above search engine optimization<br />Referrals were the most highly rated for candidate quality. <br />92% of those hiring in 2010 currently use or plan to recruit via social networks<br />Of this group, 86% use LinkedIn, 60% use Facebook and 50% use Twitter for recruiting<br /> 25. 26. 10 Things You Can do Today!<br />Identify Your Passion<br />Come up with 40-50 topics you could write or talk about in a blog centered around your passion<br />Name Your Brand<br />Buy your name using a .com <br />Start your blog on Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous<br />Start sharing your brand by posting comments and questions on other peoples blogs<br />Join 20 active Facebook Fan pages related to your brand<br />Sign up for or Hootsuite so you can post your content to multiple places.<br />??<br />??<br /></p>