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  1. 1. LINKEDIN FOR JOB SEEKERS WCTC Career Connections
  2. 2. LINKEDIN BASICS LinkedIn is social networking for professionals and paraprofessionals More than online version of resume What is LinkedIn?
  3. 3. LINKEDIN LANGUAGE CONNECTIONS: LinkedIn members who have accepted invitations to connect with each other. Connections have ability to look at profiles and networks of one another. 1ST DEGREE CONNECTION: Members you have directly connected with. 2ND DEGREE CONNECTION: Members who are connected to your 1st degree connections; also known as a friend of a friend. NETWORK: Your network consists of your 1st-Degree, 2nd-Degree and 3rd-Degree connections. RECOMMENDATION: A feature which allows users to share recommendations of one another and is visible to anyone who views your profile. COMPANY PAGES: Businesses use this page to provide information about their company and as well as updates. Company pages are great resources to research a business or review their products and services. Source: Social Media Glossary for 5 Major Social Networks, 2013
  4. 4. 300+ Million Registered LinkedIn Users Use by industry 18.7% Higher Education 13.9% Informational Technology & Services 11.8% Financial Services 10.9% Retail Ages of LinkedIn Users 18-29 45 Million 15% 30-49 81 Million 27% 50-64 72 Million 24% 65+ 39 Million 13% Source: Pew Research Internet Project, 2013 LINKEDIN DEMOGRAPHICS
  5. 5. LINKEDIN BENEFITS FOR JOBSEEKERS Research people and companies Expand face to face networking opportunities Reconnect with past coworkers Discover potential job opportunities Increase branding in market Recommendations are displayed
  6. 6. LINKEDIN PROFILE TOUR Use current professional quality photo 14x more likely to be seen if photo is included Plain background Simple clothes Action shot if wanted
  7. 7. LINKEDIN PROFILE TOUR Powerful Headlines Edit default headline 120 characters maximum Job titles, keywords, branding, etc. Elevator pitch
  8. 8. LINKEDIN PROFILE TOUR Summary Suggestions Dont leave summary section blank Fill with keywords and may use up to 2,000 characters Can break up with sub headings Share stories and accomplishments with use of first person
  10. 10. LINKEDIN PROFILE TOUR Effective Experience Add company websites, projects and articles to provide a multimedia look Include a current job even if unemployed, the job title thats being targetedFull-Time Student/Financial Analyst in Trainingfollowed by a phrase; 'In Transition or Seeking New Opportunity in the Company Name box"
  11. 11. LINKEDIN PROFILE TOUR Education Advice Include education experiences such as trainings, seminars, workshops and certifications If student, can include participation in activities and societies Add any relevant information not stated elsewhere, such as thesis titles, minors, or scholarships College courses can be listed in a separate section
  12. 12. LINKEDIN PROFILE TOUR Successful Skills & Endorsements Only first-degree connections can endorse you List your skills-list at least 10 out of possible 50 Reciprocate endorsements if possible Provides credibility
  14. 14. LINKEDIN PROFILE TOUR Search Options People Jobs Companies Groups Schools
  15. 15. LINKEDIN PROFILE TOUR Profile Strength Levels 1. Beginner 2. Intermediate 3. Advanced 4. Expert 5. All-Star Achieve All Star Profile Strength Your industry and location An up-to-date current position (with a description) Two past positions Education Minimum of three skills A profile photo At least 50 connections
  16. 16. BEST PRACTICES FOR LINKEDIN 1. Customize Your Profile URL 2. Temporarily Turn Off Activity Broadcast While Working on Profile 3. Proofread Your Profile 4. Join and Participate in Industry/Alumni Groups 5. Follow Companies 6. Personalize LinkedIn Requests 7. Add LinkedIn To Your Email Signature/Resume 8. Engage Readers by Adding Media Links 9. Manage Your Time on LinkedIn 10. Ask for Introductions to 2nd Degree Connections