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SmartMenu is a real-time food ordering, order tracking and management system for restaurants; one application, which works for Customers, Waiters and Chefs alike. Primarily it puts customers in control so much so that a Waiter is needed only when food is ready in the kitchen. Makes entire process super easy and facilitates quicker turn around using real-time push notification system, which ultimately results in improved customer experience.


  • 1. SmartMenu vs Other Restaurant Apps A review on how SmartMenu stands against other restaurant applications in the market.
  • 2. critical variables we take few parameters to form a basis for the comparison Time-saving User Experience Environment Ease of use Functionality Flexibility Informative Accountability
  • 3. time-saving Other Apps Selecting food on menu card can be a cakewalk with the use of filters. But apps have TAB based filters which do not allow multi-level filtering. Multi-level filtering on SmartMenu like Cuisine, Course, Food Type, Occasion and Special minimize the need of scrolling through the whole list.
  • 4. time-saving Other Apps What if a customer wants to know about the most popular item or most rated item on the menu card ? Tags like Featured, Most Rated and Popular items minimize the need of waiters assistance to know detail like special dish or what is popular.
  • 5. time-saving Other Apps Can a restaurant app inform waiter and chef as soon as an item is ordered on the table ? Real-time alerts are sent out to the Chef and also to the Waiter on their mobile device when food is ordered and also when food is ready in the Kitchen.
  • 6. responsive Other Apps Can a customer call the waiter without looking around and uttering a single word ? Waiter can be called by the customers at a mere tap of a button instead of looking everywhere else. The Notification app, a plugin running on waiters mobile devices receive these alerts.
  • 7. responsive Other Apps An apps interface is normally is mystery to new users. At least a user need some familiarity to get going. Menu interface focuses and capitalizes on users experience of using conventional menu card layout and build on it.
  • 8. informative Other Apps What all a customer can learn about items by looking at the menu card so much so that they dont need any assistance from the waiter ? Menu screen gives enough information about the item to the user like avg. cooking time, avg. servings, description, photos and video that they are able to navigate and select items on their own.
  • 9. Informative Other Apps Can a customer know their expenses beforehand, happy hour pricing, customers ratings and how many times an item has been ordered ? Menu screen shows customer ratings (food quality), order count (popularity), order total (expense) and pricing based on discount, taxes and happy hour timing for each item.
  • 10. ease of use Other Apps Can a restaurant app support 36 languages and translation on the go ? Multi-lingual menu card allows customers to view items and detail in their own language by changing language on the go.
  • 11. ease of use Other Apps Can a restaurant app show only those items on the menu which are available in that hour of the day i.e. breakfast items only during breakfast timing ? Menu screen shows items only which are available at a given time e.g. dinner timing will show items available for dinner only.
  • 12. functionality Other Apps Can a restaurant app allow customers to give feedback without asking Where is the Manager ? Feedback and ratings section allow customers to give their feedback on various parameters like food quality, ambiance, service quality, waiter etc.
  • 13. functionality Other Apps Can a restaurant app allow customer to send customization request for an item to the Chef directly without discussing with the waiter ? Customers can send customization request to the Chef / Kitchen by using request tags like adding extra cheese or toppings.
  • 14. flexibility Other Apps Can a restaurant add a new language, change category names and values, add a new category, disable / enable any dataset on the Admin section without any hassles ? App allows restaurant to customize user screens in terms of changing food and cuisine categories, sub-categories, tags, languages etc. The biggest one is being able to add any language and allowing one person to be in multiple roles e.g. a waiter can use the app as chef and cashier also.
  • 15. flexibility Other Apps Can a restaurant change their menu card on the go ? Real-time updates allow restaurant to make changes to items, staff, settings on the go, which reflect on the front end in the real-time.
  • 16. environment Other Apps Can same restaurant app be good for staff and customers both ? One app that can be used by restaurant staff which includes waiters, chefs and cashier as well as customers to collaborate in a real-time restaurant network which in-turn induces accountability and improves response time from the staff.
  • 17. environment Other Apps Can a restaurant app work across various platforms / devices (iOS, Android, Windows) ? App is available across various platforms native iOS, and Android and Widnows tablets. It opens up the possibility of using an array of devices as per suitability.
  • 18. monitoring Other Apps Can a restaurant app have in-built time-tracking mechanism for time taken by chefs in the cooking of an item to evaluate their performance? App allows restaurant to generate reports to monitor Cook performance in terms of time taken to cook an item which induces accountability and help uphold service standards.
  • 19. monitoring Can a restaurant app have a in-built time-tracking mechanism to track time taken in servicing a Call Waiter request and serving food at the table when it is ready? App allows restaurant to monitor status of waiter call requests by customers and the time taken to serve the food once it is ready thereby inducing accountability, which in-turn help uphold service standards.
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