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Shaping User Experience Electronic Resources and Libraries 2012. Tara Carlisle, University of North Texas Libraries Kate Crane, Texas Tech University Ana Krahmer, University of North Texas Libraries. Usability and the Digital Library. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Shaping User ExperienceElectronic Resources and Libraries 2012Tara Carlisle, University of North Texas LibrariesKate Crane, Texas Tech UniversityAna Krahmer, University of North Texas LibrariesUsability and the Digital LibraryAs a librarian, what set of assumptions do you make about your users when you create digital library resources?

Usability DefinedUsability studies how users engage a given product. It draws from the principles of user-centered design, which places successful user interaction with a product as key to redesign.

Usability is not a focus groupwe are not testing whether users like the product (solely); rather we are testing their ease-of-use or navigational success of a product.D.E.A.R.DiscoveryEvaluationAnalysisReportingUsability Triangle See

Say DoUsability Research MethodsActive InterventionEye TrackingPre- and Post-Test SurveysRetrospective RecallThink Aloud ProtocolMovement Tracking (mouse clicks, dwell time, time on task)Observing User BehaviorM.E.E.L.S.MemorabilityErrorsEfficiencyLearnabilitySatisfactionTest PlanClientResearch DescriptionGoalsUsers/target audienceTasksMethodologyTest ScriptAnalysisReportingPaper PrototypingIts your turn!Iterative DesignIterative design is a process whereby the usability test results of a product lead to multiple stages of redesign. This means users give feedback on the product at all points in the products design: from planning, to building, to finishing the product. Iterative design centers the user in building products and systems.A Case Study

Usability Testing


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