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Eli Neiburger and Matt Weaver of Library Renewal discuss how electronic content is changing libraries and how Library Renewal is working to improve the siuation. Some slides did not display well in the previous upload.


  • 1. Ohios Excellent LibrariesNeed Excellent ElectronicContent

2. Matt WeaverBoard Member,Library RenewalWeb Librarian,Westlake PorterPublic Library@mattrweaver 3. Eli NeiburgerAssociate Director forIT and ProductionAnn Arbor District Libraryeli@eliworks.com@ulotrichous 4. Libraries arescrewed. 5. Then, the format changed, like it had somany times before, a wave passingthrough society, changing everything ittouched just like the codex had so manyyears ago.But this time. something wasfundamentally, hauntingly dierent. Theage of Licenses had begun. 6. So, what canLibraries expectin this century? 7. Kindle Garage Store SaleseBraryAndroidTheMarket Webclosedopenmarket market Big Box eBay Overdrive RetailersApp Flea Store Markets 8. Publishing ThrivesAppleAmazonNewspapersCandle IndustryTravel AgentsBuggy Whip IndustryPublishing Dies Back 9. DRM Dystopia Neo Renaissance Prices stay highLow Price PointsPublishingLots of Pro OutputLots of Pro Output Thrives DRM everywhereNo DRMDevice Exclusivity FightsDevices dont matter Intermediated Pub Deals Deals with many Pubs Libs take what we can get Libs buy & distributePlatform Wars Free Culture SocietyApp Store PricesFree is Dominant PricePublishingHuge quality rangeWide quality rangeDies back DRM triumphNo DRM / Access barrier Creator Exclusivity Deals Devices dont matterNo more deals for LibsDeath of the Pub Deal Libs nd a new way Libs collect & storeClosed OpenMarkets Markets 10. What to do now? 11. What to do now?Build up StorageInfrastructure. 12. What to do later? 13. What to do later?Make deals with Rightsholders. 14. Back to roots:Libraries provide access to the content of thecommunity, not content for the community 15. $9.99 16. nly !o 9$9.9 17. ow ! nly.9!9no 19$9.9$ 18. u st jnly !!9! own 99o 9$$ $1.0. 99.9 19. FREE! brought to you by: u st jnly !!9! own 99o 9$$ $1.0. 99.9 20. FR EE !brought to you by: Last Chapter Now Only u st $9.99! jnly !!9! own 99o 9$$ $1.0. 99.9 21. FREE BOOKTHINGY WITH BIKINIbro 22. FREE ! 23. FR FREE EE !! 24. The future canchange quickly. 25. Diversifyyour value nowto hedge against rapid demand shifts. 26. Later, be positioned topick up the pieces after the pubbubble bursts. 27. Hes one badmother...Shut your mouth, 28. The 20th CenturyLibrary broughtthe world to itscommunity; 29. The 21st CenturyLibrary bringsits community to the world. 30. WHY? 31. Ereader Boom 2Holidays 2011 Here we go again! 32. Sub-$100 ereadersEreader shipments to reach 27 million units for 2011 33. To create the primary accesspoint for electronic content for users of libraries. 34. By libraries, with libraries, for libraries. 35. Bylaws and mission ensure thatour mission is that of libraries. 36. Parterships. Relationships.Research. Solutions. 37. Phase I: what have we done so far? 38. orgal.ew renary ibrl 39. e rsc r ib bss u0 0 1 ,5 a nt h or eM 40. 1,507 follow ers 41. 2,671 likes 42. 2 43. Advocates and PartnerLibraries 44. Partner Libraries libraryrenewal.org/partnersNew separate Advocates/Partnerssections coming in November 45. Group #1: Readers advisory work.reviews, book lists, etc. 46. Group #2 - writing and presenting atthe local level. 47. Group #3 Anything else you wantto do to help! Seriously! 48. PartnerLibrariesPartner libraries will ensure thatwhat is built is what they and theirpatrons actually need. 49. PartnerLibraries Four partner libraries on board 50. PartnerLibrariesSanta Monica Public Library 51. PartnerLibraries Two Rivers Public Library (WI) 52. PartnerLibrariesNewark (TX) Public Library 53. PartnerLibrariesKing County Library System (WA) 54. Partner LibrariesFive hours/month2 hours for monthly meeting1 hour one-on-one conversations to discussinfrastructure features, etc.2 hours reading/answering emails 55. PartnerLibrariesSign non-disclosure agreementOne contact person at the libraryLibrary director must meet with LR 56. PartnerLibrariesFinancial contributionsare NOT required. 57. Visitlibraryrenewal.org