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  • Digital and Electronic LibrariesShubhada Nagarkar, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorDept. of Library and Information ScienceSP Pune University,

  • About the talkWhat are digital and electronic libraries?Digital and electronic resources for college libraryInformation Literacy center for students and teachersLibrary services

  • Digital and electronic library

  • Documents and Non Print documentsDocuments Any source of information in material form, capable of being used for reference or study For e.g.. Manuscripts, printed matter, illustrations, diagrams, museum specimens, etc.

    Non Print documents electronic journals, images, web pages, electronic messages, bulletin board notices, programs, sound, videos, etc.

    *Ranganathan : He included evan audiovisual materials such as radio, television communication. But they are not documents, because they are not records on material fit for handling or preservation. Statues, material exhibits in a museum were mentioned because they convey thought expressed in some way. But none of these is a document, since it is not a record on a more or less flat surface. (ref: book: documentation and its facets, 1963).

  • Electronic and digital resourcesElectronic Library

    Born digital: bibliographic database, electronic library catalogues, full text articles, numeric databases, e-publications, e-journals, e-achieves, etc. Digital Library

    Created in another format for eg. Paper and then converted into digital formatDigital Library is Repository of digital documents and the set of programs that manage the documents

  • What could be digitized?Books, journals, newspapersMapsAudio and Video cassettesImagesManuscriptsMuseum artifacts and RealiaNatural History collection

  • Issues addressed by DL areStorageInformation processing User interfacesNumber of usersCopyright, security, quality of presentation and availability

    Cost factorIs it necessary?Funding agenciesSoftware and hardware up-gradation problemsManpowerTrainingSelection of Material Digitization processes

  • College Digital Library

  • Documents @ collegesAnnual ReportsExamination papersSeveral types of formsSyllabusTeacher informationLibrary collection

  • Knowledge Assets

    Knowledge assetUseFiling cabinets Examples: admission papers, list of students, university correspondence, annual reports, mailing lists, PhD. Viva notifications, notices for and from notice board, syllabus copies, roll calls, visiting faculty information, refresher courses correspondence, alumni contacts, question papers, etc.Preparation of students list for internal marks, interview lists, annual reports, contact to visiting faculty, organization of next year events, and refresher coursesPhotographsExamples: groups photos of MLISc. Students, important events conducted, refresher courses, alumni, etc Identify personalities, annual reports, broacher, leaflets, etc.

  • Knowledge Assets

    Faculty information Examples: papers published by faculty members, conferences attended and papers presented, guest lectures, courses taught, class notes, etc. Annual reports, expertise, selection of guide, allocation of new projects, area of specialization, etc. DatabasesExample: Database of Ph.D. Students, alumni, masters degree dissertations, etc.Reference purpose

  • Content Management at DLISc. UoP

  • Question Papers

  • Electronic Resources Subscribed and Open Access

  • Electronic resourcesWorld Wide Web and multimedia contentsFull text electronic databases open and proprietary Bibliographic databases like Science Direct, Web of Science, Chemical Abstract, Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), etc.E-booksInstitutional Repositories (free)


  • N-List by UGC-INFONET

  • E-journals on N-List programme

  • E-books on N-List programme

  • Cambridge Journals

  • Indian journals18/1/2006Yashada


  • J-STOR

  • Open Access Electronic Resources

  • Open AccessFeaturesFreely availableEasily accessibleAccessible out of campus

    TypesE-journalsE-booksInstitutional repositoriesWeb sitesDictionaries, thesaurus

  • Directory of Open Access Journals

  • ERIC - Education Resources Information Center (

  • Infolibrarian

  • Information Literacy of students and teachers

  • College Information Literacy centerDefinition Information literacy is a set of abilities requiring individuals to "recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.

    Library can play a role in increasing the Information literacy of students and teachersSource: American Library Association. Presidential Committee on Information Literacy. Final Report.(Chicago: American Library Association, 1989.)

  • An information literate individual is able to:Determine the extent of information neededAccess the needed information effectively and efficientlyEvaluate information and its sources criticallyIncorporate selected information into ones knowledge baseUse information effectively to accomplish a specific purposeUnderstand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and use information ethically and legally


  • For literacy one needs to learnHow to use Digital and Electronic Libraries available at college?How to search various electronic databases?How to use Search Engines?How to create information alerts?For teachers

    How to search research papers?Online resource useful for teachingCitation analysis, h-index, impact factor of journals, etcPlagiarismCopyright issues

  • Search Electronic resources effectively

  • Identify and define the problemThe scope of the topic, i.e., the breadth and depth of information required Appropriate criteria to direct the search process; i.e.,

    What type of information is required?For what purpose will it be used?How much information is required?What form or limitations (if any) should be placed on the information to fit?Identify appropriate databases as information sources

    Before you search

  • Check for login facilitySearch facilities basic, advanced, expertCheck filters controlled vocabulary, subject headings, thesaurus, indexes, etc.Save and export references facilitiesAlert services email, RSS feedsReference Services

  • Select multiple search terms and synonyms appropriate for the database(s); i.e., what words or phrases best describe the core concepts.Construct search queries from the search terms and synonymsEvaluate the items retrieved by the search query(ies); i.e., does the information retrieved as result of the query(ies) satisfy the criteria identified at the beginning of the process.

    Source: you search

  • Check search facilities

  • Export facility

  • In most cases, you will have to use more advanced methods, involving combinations of several search terms. For this you will have to define a search strategy, a plan of action that helps you find the information you need. This requires you to think about your subject, work out what information you need, and how you're going to find it.

    The first step is to split your subject into main themes and identify keywords.

    Building a search strategy

  • These keywords can then be used to search for relevant references in databases.After identifying main keyword/phrases you have to think of additional subject headings to ensure you find all the information about your topic. Building a search strategy

  • Finding the right search termsRelated terms represent ideas associated with the subject you are looking for, but are not exact synonyms. Most often the synonyms and related terms you will need to identify will be additional terms with roughly the same meaning.

  • Combining search terms - Boolean operators

  • Check thesaurus, indexes..

    Subject headings link all synonyms/grammatical forms/spelling variations together.

    So pick the right subject heading and all the possible words/forms come along!Source:

  • Example : electronic

  • Electronic Libraries

  • Search results on electronic library (2422)

  • Search results without thesaurus terms (3079)

  • Use of Search Engines

  • General Tips for effective searchAnalyze the problem statement Find out what type of information and documents are needed.Government information, books, journal articles, reports, information from subject databases, websites, multimedia form, etc. Identify keywordsPrepare search statement use search operators and punctuationsSearchStudy retrieved document; use; If necessary modify search strategy with the help of earlier results and search again

  • Query and its analysisTask: Preventative health care is an emerging business opportunity. Identify its need, market, competition, investment needed, etc.Find outDomain: Health careTopic: preventative health careDescription: Document should identify what is preventative health care? What includes in preventative health care? What are preventive health care plans? What are the guidelines for preventative health care? Business opportunities? What type of business should be considered? Which are the companies in this area? Their inves